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Varroa Mite Monitoring Survey

Phil Craft, former Kentucky State Apiarist, sent the following note asking for our help with a survey about varroa mite monitoring. —- As you may know, I consult for Veto-pharma, the maker of Apivar. I serve as their U.S. technical adviser. Veto-pharma is interested in the practices of beekeepers with regard to monitoring for varroa mites. We have developed a SHORT survey and would appreciate the participation of beekeepers. You can find the survey at: https://fr.surveymonkey.com/r/varroa-mite-monitoring Also, giving your name at the end of the survey is entirely optional. Thanks! Phil Craft

Heartland Apiculture Society to Meet in Bowling Green – July 14-16

The Heartland Apiculture Society will have its 2016 conference in Bowling Green, KY. The conference will take place at Western Kentucky University, July 14-16, 2016. This is a great opportunity for beekeepers from across the state to meet, talk to, and learn from nationally-recognized experts in the field. Details are being posted on the Heartland Apiculture Society’s website and Facebook page.

Honey table at the 2015 Honey Booth

Honey Prices Set for 2016 Honey Booth at State Fair

KSBA and the State Apiarist operate a Honey Booth each year at the Kentucky State Fair. The purpose of the Honey Booth is to promote the sale of Kentucky honey and beeswax and to teach about the importance of honey bees. KSBA members can sell their honey or beeswax at the Honey Booth. KSBA keeps a 30% commission on all honey and beeswax sold. The prices for honey and beeswax sold through the 2016 Honey Booth can be downloaded here.