Heartland Cooperative Interest Meeting Announced

The Heartland Cooperative wants to promote conversation and mite-resistant queens among the regional states’ programs. An informal meeting has been announced to see if there is sufficient interest to organize a Kentucky group interested in breeding queens that show resistance to mites.

If there is sufficient interest, the goal would be for Kentucky to have a queen breeders’ cooperative composed of beekeepers committed to having diverse queen bee genetics, reduce the need for miticides, and promote education and outreach to beekeepers who want to develop their own queens.

The informal interest meeting will be held over breakfast at 7 a.m. CDT on Saturday July 16 at the Western Kentucky University Student Union. All Kentucky beekeepers who are interested in being a part of the effort are invited to attend. If you are interested, but can’t make the breakfast meeting, email Tammy Potter or talk with Tammy Potter, Dwight Wells, Joe Kovaleski, Dan O’Hanlon, Dr. Krispn Given, or Dr. Greg Hunt at HAS.