2016 KSBA Beekeeper of the Year Announced

By: Joe Taylor

Congratulations to Jim Hazelrig, our 2016 Beekeeper of the Year! The KSBA Beekeeper of the Year award is designed to recognize KSBA members who have done outstanding or highly beneficial work for KSBA. Nominees must be excellent beekeepers and contribute to the work of KSBA. Just being involved in their local organization or being a great beekeeper is not enough. They must also be active in KSBA and work to promote its mission.

Jim has been promoting beekeeping for several years with presentations to the local community and schools. He has been active in his local beekeeping association, including being an officer for the association. In addition to being active in his local association, Jim has been very active in KSBA. In 2011, he became the KSBA President and later served as KSBA Treasurer for several years. Jim has also donated his time and effort at many KSBA sponsored bee schools. As KSBA President, he traveled the state attending almost all of the state bee schools recruiting and presenting the KSBA position. In this position, Jim also represented KSBA at the Heartland Apicultural Society and the Eastern Apicultural Society.

Jim Hazelrig, his wife Lynn and his sister Jeania.

Any KSBA member can nominate any other KSBA member for the award. The nomination is usually a brief paragraph due in late September or early October. From the slate of nominees, the past KSBA Beekeepers of the Years vote to pick the newest KSBA Beekeeper of the Year. So far we have been lucky and have had several outstanding nominations for the past few years.