Bee School List

bees on combThis post is a special request from one of our subscribers. Recently I received an email asking if I could do a post with a list of all the bee schools so people could determine which was the closest for them to attend. The person who contacted me thought this would be more helpful than individual posts about each school.

Originally, I wasn’t planning to do a post listing all of the upcoming bee schools because any list I make will likely be out of date almost as soon as I post it. In just the past week, I’ve heard of approximately half a dozen new events. Instead, my plan was to post the information for all of the events that I know about on the KSBA calendar. People could then scroll through the calendar and click on the event that looks interesting. Individual posts about the bee school or related event would go out approximately a month before the event. However, this person’s email made me realize that both approaches have their place.

So, below is the list of bee schools and related events that I know about at this instant in time. The list is organized by county where the event will be held to make it easier to tell how far any given event is from you. Details about any event can be found by going to the KSBA calendar and clicking on the event or by checking out the individual news post about the event. Details about some events, like the ones in April or May, are on the calendar long before the news post goes out.

If you know of an event that isn’t on this list, please let me know so we can add it to the website. Also, feel free to contact me if there is something that you would like to see a news post about. I appreciate the suggestions and believe that we can make these posts much more helpful and KSBA a stronger organization by working together.

Shannon Trimboli, KSBA Webmaster

Bee School List as of Jan. 18, 2017

Allen County

  • South Central Kentucky Beekeeping School, Feb. 4

Boyd County

  • Small Farm and Garden Conference, Feb. 25
  • KSBA Spring Meeting, March 18

Floyd County

  • Kentucky State University Queen Production, May 19-20

Franklin County

  • Bluegrass Beekeepers School, March 11
  • A Guide to Beekeeping, March 18

Graves County

  • Kent Williams Apiary Field Workshop, April 12-15

Grayson County

  • Kelley’s Beekeeping 101 Class, Feb. 4
  • Kelley’s Beekeeping 201 Class, Feb. 18
  • Kelley’s Beekeeping 101 Class, March 4
  • Kelley’s Beekeeping 201 Class, March 18
  • KSBA Business Meeting, June 3

Henderson County

  • Audubon Beekeeping School, March 4

Mason County

  • Northeastern Kentucky Bee School, Feb. 25

Mercer County

  • Introduction to Beekeeping workshop, Feb. 25

Ohio County

  • Ohio County Basic Beekeepers Workshop, Jan. 21

Perry County

  • Eastern Kentucky Winter Bee School, Jan. 21

Pulaski County

  • Queen Production Workshop, April 7-8

Washington County

  • Practical Beekeeping School, March 25

Whitley County

  • South Eastern Bee School, Feb. 4