Swarm Survey Reminder and Link to Results

By Shannon Trimboli

A few weeks ago I started a survey to find out when the first swarms were seen in each county in Kentucky. Thank you to those who have already participated. I look forward to seeing more results come in as we get further into swarm season.

My original plan was to gather the data and then do a news post with the results towards the end of swarm season. However, several people contacted me and suggested that it would be much more interesting if everyone could watch the results in live or near live time. I agreed.

swarm on treeOne of our members has been working on a way to display the results in a more user-friendly format than the survey site provides. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much luck yet. Maybe by next year we’ll have a better system set up for displaying the results. In the meantime, here is a link that will allow you to see the results of the survey in real-time.

When viewing the results you have two choices. The Questions Summary tab gives you a graph for the dates and a list of the counties. This is the tab that opens when you follow the link. You can also click on the Individual Results tab and scroll through the individual answers which show the county and week together. If we come up with a better way to display the results, I’ll let everyone know.