Bee Informed Partnership Launches 2017 Sentinel Apiary Program

By: Kelly Kulhanek

The Bee Informed Partnership is launching its 2017 Sentinel Apiary Program. The program is aimed mostly at Sideline and Backyard beekeepers, although Commercial beekeepers are also welcome. The program is designed to help beekeepers improve their colony management and to share data with other beekeepers in their region. The Bee Informed Partnership hopes to eventually improve colony health at the landscape level.

The Bee Informed Partnership is offering new participants a $300 subsidy to bring the price of the program down to $99 plus the cost of whichever hive scale they choose. To participate, fill out the enrollment form, then send it with a check made payable to University of Maryland and proof of purchase of a hive scale mailed to:

9-22-16Kelly Kulhanek
University of Maryland
4112 Plant Sciences Bldg.
College Park, MD 20742

Learn more about the program by downloading this brochure. The brochure includes general information as well as pricing, payment, and enrollment info. Below are links to websites with more information about the program and data from previous years.