Update on the KSBA Buy Local page

By: Shannon Trimboli

The Buy Local page on the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association’s website is off to a great start! It was officially launched on February 5, 2017. The page currently showcases honey bee related products and services offered by almost 70 of our members representing 45 different counties in Kentucky. The page itself has been viewed approximately 600 times since it launched and it isn’t even honey season yet.

All members of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association are invited to participate in the KSBA Buy Local page. To participate, simply fill out the second page of the membership form when you turn in your dues. If you have already turned in your dues for 2017 but missed the second page, simply fill out the second page and send it to the KSBA Treasurer, John Benham. He’ll cross-check your membership status before forwarding the Buy Local page to the KSBA webmaster, Shannon Trimboli.