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State Apiarist’s Email Address Has Changed

By: Shannon Trimboli We wanted to make sure everyone is aware that the email address for our State Apiarist, Tammy Horn Potter, has changed. Her new email address is tammy.potter@ky.gov. She will no longer be able to receive emails sent to her old address. Please update any contact information you may have for her. While you are updating her contact information, you may want to consider dropping her an email to thank her for all the hard work she does to help Kentucky beekeepers and to teach others about honey bees and beekeeping. To learn more about the State Apiarist […]

Resources for Teachers and Other Educators

By: Shannon Trimboli The Kentucky State Beekeepers Association maintains a list of lesson plans and other resources related to honey bees for teachers and other educators. The list can be found under “For Teachers” in the Educational Resources section of the KSBA website. If you know of other lesson plans and educational resources that should be included in this list, please let the KSBA Webmaster, Shannon Trimboli, know and she will add them to the list.