Feedback about KSBA News Posts Requested: June survey

Hi Everybody,
Since September 2016, I’ve been trying to post at least one news post to the KSBA website every week. Starting in January 2017, I’ve been posting 2-3 news posts every week and added the option to subscribe to the news posts.

Approximately 800 people have subscribed to have the news posts emailed to them. The news posts are also posted to the KSBA Facebook page and many are shared multiple times on other Facebook pages. I’m assuming that all of this means people like the news posts and that I’m covering the right types of topics with the news posts. However, assuming isn’t always a good thing so this month I’m using the monthly survey to ask for your feedback about the news posts.

Please take the survey below to tell us what you think about the news posts. If you can’t see the survey, then you can take the survey online at All answers are completely anonymous. I’ll report on the results in July.

Shannon Trimboli, KSBA webmaster