Honey Booth at the Kentucky State Fair

The Kentucky State Fair is August 17-27, 2017. As always, the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA) will have a Honey Booth at the fair. While KSBA organizes and coordinates the booth each year, we rely on the help of our local associations for staffing the booth on a daily basis. This year’s Honey Booth schedule is below along with some tips for working the booth. Thanks to everyone who is helping out with the booth this year.

Guidelines and tips for working the KSBA Honey Booth

By John Benham

The one-pound jar is always the biggest seller and the most popular size in the stock, so competition is heavy.

Cut comb in jars and boxes always sells out, and is the one product of which we never have enough.

Some volunteers aren’t aware that these rules are posted at the booth.

  • Be courteous!
  • The Health Department rules require the use of a new taster spoon for each sample.
  • It is okay to present your honey, but do not try to change a customer’s mind from another choice he or she has made.
  • Let people know we have candles, books, candy, etc., for sale.
  • Tell the manager if someone is running low on honey. The manager will call the beekeeper if someone is low.
  • Fully re-stock the table throughout and at the end of the day (honey and candles). Cover all with cloth at day’s end.
  • Pull any honey that has fermented or crystallized.

Honey Booth Schedule

  • Thursday-Friday 17-18: Bluegrass Beekeepers Association
  • Saturday 19: Oldham County Beekeepers Association
  • Sunday 20: Shelby County Beekeepers Association
  • Monday 21: Allen County Beekeepers Association
  • Tuesday 22: Capitol City Beekeepers Association and Kentuckiana Beekeepers Association
  • Wednesday 23: Mammoth Cave Beekeepers Association
  • Thursday 24: Grayson County Beekeepers Association
  • Friday 25: Audubon Beekeepers Association
  • Saturday 26: Green River Beekeepers Association
  • Sunday 27: Oldham County Beekeepers Association