Results of July Survey – How much do you sell your honey for?

By: Shannon Trimboli
In July we asked everyone about their honey and how much it sells for so that we can see how our prices vary across the state. Many thanks to the 46 people who participated in the survey.

Most people (83%) sell their honey out of their home, out of their office, or to individuals in some other way. Local farmers markets were the next most common (30%) location for selling honey. 20% of those who responded sell their honey out of some sort of retail or service store. Only 2% sell their honey online and no one reported selling their honey at the State Fair’s Honey Booth. When it comes to type of honey sold, most people (67%) sell spring honey, 50% sell summer honey, 24% sell fall honey, 30% sell honey that is a mixture of seasons, and 4% sell varietal honey.

The table below shows some basic statistics summarizing everyone’s honey prices.

2 oz8 oz1 poundPint / 1.5 pounds 2 pounds1 quart / 3 pounds
Number of people selling9164292018
Average price$2.50$5.63$9.15$11.11$16.25$21.64
Most common price$2.50$5.00$10.00$10.00$15.00$20.00

By far, 1 pound of honey is the most common size sold. The map below shows the price of 1 pound of honey in the counties that had someone report their price for a pound of honey. Most counties only had one person participate and four was the highest number of participants in a single county. When more than one person responded from a county, the average price is shown for that county. Click on the map to view a larger version of the image.

Thanks again to everyone who participated.