Kentucky Queen Bee Breeder Association to Host Workshops on Oct. 6 and Oct. 7

By: Dorothey Morgan

Kentucky Queen Bee Breeder Association will host two workshops. The first workshop will be on the evening of Oct. 6 and the second workshop will be during the day on Oct. 7.

Looking at Mites under Microscopes

Date: October 6th
Time: 7pm to 9pm E.T.
Place: Kentucky State University Research Farm, 1525 Mills Ln, Frankfort, KY (map)
Description: This is a free event designed for the traveler who comes in the evening before. It is open to anyone. Dorothey will show how to collect mites for detection of chewing behavior. You are encouraged to bring your mite boards from your apiary. Microscopes will be available for you to use.
Cost: Free
Instructor: Dorothey Morgan: President KQBBAI, HHBBC board member

Queen and Drone Management for Successful Honey Bee Colonies and Certification for Kentucky Sustainable Genetic Technology

Date: Oct. 7th
Time: 9am to 5pm E.T.
Place: Kentucky State University Research Farm, 1525 Mills Ln, Frankfort, KY (map)
Description: This is a one day event designed to help the beekeeper manage and produce high quality drones and queens to be used for colony growth and sustainment, and also to provide high quality stock for other beekeepers. Lunch is provided.

For those beekeepers desiring to produce quality queens for sales and for insemination events, after the successful course completion, an optional certification will be available. A three year course certification fee for non-members will be $125.00. To receive a certification card, you must pass a written test at the end of the day. Successful students will receive a serialized certification card and be authorized to use the course logo in any advertising documentation.

Contact Dorothey Morgan for more information at 606-871-7300 or

Cost: $25.00 to members of KQBBAI, and HHBBC, $35.00 to all others if registered by Sept. 30th., $10.00 extra fee to register at the door. Certification fee for non-members: $125.00. Mail your completed registration form to D. Morgan, 544 West Farm Rd. Nancy, KY 42544

Instructors: (full instructor bios)

  • Krispn Given: Apiculture Specialist at Purdue University Bee Lab
    • History of the mite chewing honey bees
    • Genetics and the loss of traits with each generation
    • Collecting mites correctly
  • Dwight Wells: President of West Central Ohio Beekeepers Association
    • Importance of nutrition from larva to laying of queens and drone semen
    • Challenges to becoming a bee farmer
  • Jamie Walters: President of Black Swamp Beekeepers
    • Building nucs
    • Introduction of virgin, open bred, and instrumentally inseminated queens
    • Trouble shooting loss of queens during introduction
    • Shipping queens
  • Pamela Rizkallah: Queen instrumental inseminator
    • Drone Flow Hive: building a hive to raise and collect drones for I.I.