October Poll – What would you like to see KSBA do?

By: Shannon Trimboli

In the August poll about the Certified Kentucky Honey label, I provided lots of opportunities for people to add additional comments because I knew it was a complicated subject that would create strong opinions. I was right and the participants took full advantage of the spaces for comments. Among the comments were several statements that got me thinking about a different topic. For example, one person wrote “I am a member of [neighboring state]’s beekeeping organization because KSBA does not support [my] region.” Several other people said they thought KSBA would be better off spending its time doing things like education and marketing.

The fall meeting and officer elections are only a couple of weeks away. It is also almost time for 2018 KSBA membership renewals. So, this seemed like the perfect time to ask “What would you like to see KSBA do?” I’ve listed a few possibilities, but the list is far from complete. I included plenty of space for other ideas and for specific examples of how to implement some of the broader topics, so please don’t feel limited by the list.

Also, since KSBA is led and run by volunteers, I think it is appropriate to ask if anyone can help with accomplishing the things we want to see KSBA do. Obviously, the more volunteers we have working together as a team, the more we can do as an organization. So if you are interested in helping with anything, please let us know.

The survey can be found below or you can take the survey online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SLM3WBF. All answers are anonymous. If you provide your email address, I will only link it to the activities you said you could help with. I’ll report the results in November.


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