Honey Committee Report from October Meeting

Oct. 11, 2017
Meeting at Nelson County Cooperative Extension Office, Bardstown


  • Rick Sutton, President of Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (Garrard Co.)
  • Ricky Humphrey, Vice President of Nelson County Beekeepers
  • Susan Zhunga, Secretary and Treasurer of Nelson County Beekeepers
  • Mike Mabry, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers
  • Pat Schwartz, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers
  • Nicole Soteropoulos, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers
  • David Donathan, Member of Nelson County Beekeepers
  • Jack Kuhn (Franklin Co.)–KSBA
  • Keith Rogers—Chief of Staff KY Department of Agriculture (KDA)
  • Chad Smith, Division Director of Marketing, KDA
  • Joe Bilby, Legal Counsel, KDA
  • Tammy Horn Potter, State Apiarist, KDA
  • Rob Smith—Nelson County Cooperative Extension agent


  1. The Meeting began at 9:30 and began with a review of programs that preceeded KY Proud, the current issues created by KRS regulations governing KY Proud and other states’ efforts to create a honey certification programs (i.e., Texas, Wisconsin)
  2. Some discussion covered the surveys that KSBA webmaster Shannon Trimboli distributed to beekeepers via facebook, email, and other varia. The low response was noted.
  3. Tammy Horn Potter was asked to draft a “white paper” detailing a “two tier” approach to creating a KY Certified honey label.

The Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m. Submitted, Dr. Tammy Horn Potter, KY State Apiarist

Draft White Paper: “Kentucky Certified Honey” Two-Year Pilot Program

Submitted for discussion to the Honey Committee by Tammy Horn Potter, KY State Apiarist
October 24, 2017

In order to create the infrastructure for a “KY Certified” honey label, beekeepers would register through a program set up by KSBA with assistance from KDA.

Each participant will receive a “registration number” based on the size and honey production capacity of the apiary. The cut-off mark is 150 gallons.

  • If the apiary produces over 150 gallons of honey, the owner is in the upper tier of this program and will agree to pay $250.00 annually to participate.
  • If the apiary produces less than 150 gallons, the owner is in the lower tier and will agree to pay $100.00 annually.

These funds from participant fees will go into a KSBA fund to be used as a “match” to solicit KY Agriculture Development Funds to hire a part-time administrator for a 2-year grant, totaling $30,000 ($15,000 each year) to assist in the development of a KY Certified Honey label program.

At the end of two years, KSBA will determine the success upon completion of the pilot program. If successful, KSBA would then determine if establishing the program in KRS statute is appropriate.

A quorum at the Fall KSBA Meet, November 4, 2017, could discuss this plan and offer modifications.


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