Pollinator Protection software warns of spraying near hives

By: Tammy Horn Potter

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is rolling out its Pollinator Protection software that tracks beekeepers’ hive locations, stores the required time intervals for pesticide applicators to warn of upcoming applications,
and automatically notifies beekeepers to take precautions regarding the upcoming spraying, if the pesticide’s label requires notification.

Beekeepers download the software and list the location of their hive(s) by drawing a polygon on a map. Nearby pesticide applications trigger the email to beekeepers. If the label requires notifica-tion to beekeepers, the program assists in that effort. The program is free, voluntary, and anony-mous; all your beekeeping information is private to you.

The information for the applicator is displayed once he/she enters the details of the application. The applicator enters the chemicals and the proposed date and time of spraying. The software locates any affected hives and automatically sends notification emails to the beekeepers. It is im-portant to name your hive distinctively, especially with multiple hives in the system; the email program will use the name for your hive that you give it when you sign up.

To join this notification system, register at http://www.kyagr-apps.com/Pollinator/Home/Index. A video on that site takes you through the registration steps, showing you how to mark your hive area on the computer map.