Spring Cleaning for KSBA Website – Please Help

Hi Everyone,
It’s time to do some spring cleaning of the website and I need each of you to take about five minutes to help me.

  1. Please check the listing for your local club. Is the meeting time and location correct? Have the officers changed? Do you have a website that should be listed, but isn’t? If changes need to be made, please let me know so together we can provide the best information possible about your local organization.
  2. I recently reset the Buy Local page so only those who are currently KSBA members are listed. If you have signed up to participate in the Buy Local page, please check your listing. Is everything correct? Also, please check your friends’ listings and make sure they are there. If something is incorrect or a listing is missing, please let me know so we can correct the issue. I do the best I can, but I’m not perfect and mistakes happen.

Thanks for your time and help. Here’s to a great year of beekeeping and other fun activities!

Shannon Trimboli