Legislators Receive Kentucky Honey

By: George Fowler, KSBA Legislative Agent

On March 7, Kentucky legislators participating in the Kentucky Farm Bureau Federation’s “Food Check-Out Day” received baskets that included honey donated by members of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA). The baskets showcased the variety of foods produced in Kentucky.

For this event, 185 2-oz honey bears were prepared for the baskets. Tags were attached to the jars to show that they were filled with Kentucky honey harvested by members of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association. The purpose of this was not to persuade on any particular issue but to make members of the legislature aware that the KSBA exists and is ready and willing to speak for the bees and beekeepers.

Thanks are due to the following beekeepers who contributed honey for filling the jars: John Antenucci, Ricky Evans, Paul Deadman, George Fowler, Cole Gilbert, Ruth Jeffers, Jacob Osborne, Doug Potter, Dan Propes, Randy Rosbrook, and Mike Wiley. Special thanks to Ken Daniels who contributed gear and expertise to the transfer of honey to the small jars.