March Poll – First Swarms of 2018

Hi Everyone,
Last year I started these surveys as a way to share information and get to know each other a little better. The very first survey we did was about tracking the first swarms of 2017. Everyone seemed to enjoy that survey, so let’s do it again this year.

Mark the week in which you see or hear about the first swarm this year. Also, let us know what county it was in so we can track the first swarms as they move across the state. Only report the first swarm you see in each county. In other words, if you see or hear about your first swarm in one county one week and then you find out about another swarm in a neighboring county the next week, you can do the survey twice – once for each county as long as that was your first swarm for each county.

As always, the surveys are anonymous. You can take the survey below or follow this link to take the survey online. I’ll let this survey run through the end of April and then share the results in May.

Thanks in advance for participating!
Shannon Trimboli


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