Minutes from the 2018 Spring Meeting

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Spring Meeting March 17, 2018
Co Extension Office London KY

By: David Shockey, KSBA Secretary

Welcome of Members:

President, Jake Osborne welcomed everyone and opened the meeting. There was approximately 20 folks in attendance. In the interest of time, Jake recommended that the meeting start off with the first guest speaker.

Morning Speaker:

Dr. Clare Rittschof the head of the entomology department research lab at the University of Kentucky in Lexington spoke primary on her research that is focused on honey bee behavior and health. Her studies have included behavioral and environmental conditions that can affect the aggressiveness of the hives as well as the productivity of the queens and the hives as whole. Aggressiveness of non-aggressive behavior can be good and in other case may not be as well as what are the contributing factors for both.

Secretary’s Report and Reading of the minutes:

David Shockey read a summary of the minutes from the fall meeting. A copy of the complete minutes was made available for members to review. A motion was made and second and the minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:

John Benham present the budget and discussed the need for a push cart to support the honey booth and the use of PayPal for online KSBA memberships as well as its use at the Honey Booth at the State Fair. Motion was made by Chris Renfrow and second by Bradley Hodges to approve the purchase of the push cart and to accept the Treasurer’s report which was approved.

Old Business:

The major item of discussion was on the honey certification program. Jake Osborne lead the discussion by providing an overview of draft guidelines and a proposed label. Copies of both were passed around to all in attendance to review. Jake also discussed the need to select new members for the Honey Committee as well as the proposed establishment of the Honey Certification Program as a pilot program going forward. There still remains the unresolved issues of what fees to charge or not? Whether a producer has to be a member in good standing with KSBA and his or her local Association? And the term of certification i.e. number of years before recertification would be required.

The new Honey Committee was selected from volunteers and will include: Chris Renfrow, Jake Osborne, David Shockey, Bradley Hodges, and Joel Gonia.

A motion was made by John Benham and second by Mike Mabry for the formation and members to these committees. The motion was approved.

John Benham and Mike Mabry proposed the establishment of regional/district/area KSBA representatives to assist in the certification of honey produces. Some discussion pursued on just how such a program could be established by specified areas or by areas defined by the representatives as approved by KSBA. David Shockey raised concerns about honey producers being certified without being a member of their local association as well as local Association presidents not being directly involved in the certification of producers in their respective areas.

Discussion continued for the President to appoint member volunteers to a committee to further develop guidelines and a change to KSBA By-Laws for the establishment of area/reginal representatives for Honey Certification. Mike Mabry, Shannon Trimboli, Jake Osborne, John Benham and David Shockey volunteered and were approved by Jake Osborne.

A motion was made by Patrick Stallons and second by John Benham to proceed with the Honey Certification Program as one year pilot program. The initial goal to have draft guidelines and etc. for review and approval by the Summer Business meeting in June and to implement by August 2018. The motion was approved.

New Business:

  1. Summer KSBA Business: June 2, 2018 immediately after Kelley Bees Field Days in Clarkson, KY. The specific location yet to be determined.
  2. Fall KSBA Meeting: November 3, 2018 at Bullet Central High School, Shepardsville, KY. Jake Osborn is working on the list of speakers and further development of the program. Mike Mabry will be assisting and is working with the school for that day. David Shockey recommended that we offer an opportunity to a few local 4-H members to assist with various tasks such as registration and etc.
  3. KY State Fair: August 16 thru 26, 2018. There was continued discussion related to the relocation of the honey booth, but John Benham was confident that with Tammy Potter participating in the coordination and decision meetings that we will be able to remain in the same general area.

The General Meeting adjourn for Lunch;

Afternoon Speaker:

Dr. Tom Webster, Kentucky State University, Kentucky Apiculture Extension Specialist spoke on:

  • The use of a mobile autoclave for the treatment of new and old bee hive equipment for any deceased, viruses, spores, pesticides, herbicides and etc. The unit can accommodate 24 deeps, 36 mediums, bottom boards, enter covers and etc. as well as wood frames. The University does not charge for this service but does request that there be follow up reporting on the success and use of the equipment after treatment. Also that the request be such that there would be sufficient beekeepers participating to justify the travel and setup cost.
  • Dr. Webster also spoke on support for testing honey; average cost per sample $10 – $15.
  • Dr. Webster discussed in general that there was still a lot to study and be learned before the potential use of Lithium Chloride for the treatment of Varroa.
  • He has conducted some studies related to the effects of cold temperatures on queens especially during transport, and there appears to be a detrimental deceasing effect on the fertility of the queens if subjected to extreme temperatures changes during transport.
  • He is currently working in a study venture of good and bad queens and what makes one better than another.
  • Dr. Webster also discussed the use of the new very high temperature heating device to treat hives for Varroa. He cautioned that it is effective for treating Varroa but the overall side effects are still questionable.

Door Prizes were given out.

Motion was made by John Benham and second by Chris Renfrow to adjourn and the motion was past and the meeting was closed.