Minutes of the 2018 KSBA Spring Business Meeting

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Spring Meeting, March 17, 2018

by: David Shockey, KSBA secretary

Business/Board Meeting was held on evening of Friday, March 16, 2018 at the Comfort Inn in London, KY.

Those in attendance:

  • Patrick Stallons, Pennyrile
  • Brad Hodges, Pennyrile
  • David Shockey, Hardin & Grayson
  • Jake Osborne, Davis
  • John Benham, Mammoth Cave
  • Shannon Trimboli, Allen & Warren
  • Joel Gonia, Kentuckiana & Oldham
  • Chris Renfrow, Ohio

Kentucky Honey Certification Program:

  • Jake Osborne presented three proposed honey certification labels for discussion. The one with the configuration of the state in the center was agreed to be the most appropriate with some wording modifications.
  • Jake also present some draft wording for a certification program and guidelines for consideration.
  • John Benham provided a reference for the possible definition of honey which would have to be a part of the certification program. It was agreed that the referenced description with some modification should be incorporated into the program.
  • John also proposed the establishment of area/reginal representatives/coordinators for the implementation of the certification program. Much discussion followed with various opinions and alternatives. But it was generally agreed that the formation of area representatives might be a good option.
  • David Shockey proposed that KSBA initially establish the Honey Certification Program as one year pilot program. This would allow the draft program to get off the ground and to go into effect while allowing for modifications as needed. There was agreement that this would be a good idea.
  • There continued discussion similar to that at the Fall meeting about certification fees and requirements for membership in local as well as the State association by individuals wanting to participate in the program and to become certified. There was no agreement on this and further discussion and considerations will be needed.
  • Joel Gonia was very out spoken on the need for such a program and offered his assistance as did several others.
  • There was a proposal for the President, Jake Osborne, to appoint a new Honey Committee to continue with the development of the certification program. There was a motion made, seconded and all were in favor. The following members volunteered to be on the committee; Jake Osborne, Joel Gonia, David Shockey, and Brad Hodges. Also a separate committee was formed to work on the label for the program which will consist of John Benham and Mike Mabry.

Fall KSBA Meeting in Shepardsville, November 3, 2018:

  • Jake briefly discussed the status of plans for the Fall meeting and the need for additional speakers but that things we moving along in a very positive direction.

Kentucky State Fair; August 16th thru 26th 2018:

  • John Benham requested that KSBA purchase a much needed push cart which all agreed was needed.
  • John also discussed the change over to the use of PayPal at the Honey Booth which will be a huge improvement and less costly.
  • There was additional discussion about the potential relocation of the Honey Booth but as a whole everyone felt that KSBA was in a good position to be able plea a good case to stay in the same general area along with Hone displays and etc.

Motion was made and second and the meeting was adjourn.