Results of First Pollen in 2018 Survey

By: Shannon Trimboli

In January, I started a KSBA poll asking everyone to report when you saw the first pollen coming into your hive. Thirteen people took the time to respond and their results are below. I apologize for not posting the results sooner, but April and May were crazy busy and other things had to be prioritized. The results of the swarm survey we started in March will be posted in June.

The first pollen in the state was reported the week of Jan. 21-27 in Bullitt and Warren Counties. The map shows when the first pollen was reported in each county that provided data. The table provides the week, county, and pollen color provided by each of the 13 people who answered the survey.






Jan. 21 – 27 Bullitt White/Beige
Jan. 21 – 27 Warren Yellow orange
Jan. 21 – 27 Warren Yellow, some vibrant red
Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 Edmonson Yellowish green
Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 Metcalfe Dark mustard to brownish
Jan. 28 – Feb. 3 Warren Light yellow
Feb. 4 – 10 Mercer Yellow and red
Feb. 11 – 17 Bullitt Yellow
Feb. 11 – 17 Edmonson Pale yellow, olive
Feb. 11 – 17 Edmonson Green-pale yellow
Feb. 11 – 17 Jefferson Pale yellow
Feb. 18 – 24 Harrison Off white
March 11 – 17 Christian Orange yellow