Minutes from KSBA Summer Board Meeting

By: David Shockey

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Summer Board Meeting

Kelley Bees Office Building
Clarkson, KY
5:30 PM, June 2, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Jake Osborne, President


  • David Shockey Hardin Co.
  • Joe Taylor Grayson Co.
  • Rick Sutton Lancaster, KY
  • Randy Roberts Madison Co.
  • Ted Caldwell Green River Beekeepers
  • H D Overholt Allen Co.
  • Aretina Harris Hardin Co.
  • Bill Drury Traylor Co.
  • Mike Mabry Hardin Co.
  • Joel Gonia LaGrange, KY
  • Barry Cowles Mammoth Cave
  • Joe Smith Mammoth Cave
  • Kay Daniels Capital City
  • Ken Daniels Capital City
  • Jake Osborne Owensboro, KY

Kentucky State Fair:

  1. There may be a couple of changes to the associations that support the Honey Booth. This is being coordinated by John Benham who will post the revised listing in the very near future.
  2. There is a meeting scheduled at the fairgrounds on June 8th to be currently attended by Jake Osborne, David Shockey, Tammy Horn and Mike Mabry. The purpose for the meeting is to finalize the location and setup plans for the honey booth and other honey related displays and etc.
  3. There was some discussion about the honey pricing for the 2018 State Fair, and it was agreed that the pricing would remain the same as for 2017. No changes.

Certified Honey Program:

  1. David Shockey gave a brief overview of the drafted program.
  2. There was agreement that there was a need for area representatives yet to be named.
  3. There was agreement that there needed to be a promotional/advertisement program.
  4. Jake Osborne presented the proposed certified honey label and it was acceptable to all. There is still the need to apply for the trademark of the label, the initial ordering of the labels and also making the label accessible online so that certified producers can apply the label to their individual honey bottling labels if desired.
  5. It was suggested and agreed to change the moisture content to 18.2% or less.
  6. Additional clarification wording was requested related to honey processing facilities as related to the hobbyist. This clarification will be added.
  7. There were numerous comments and recommendations provided by email and those will be appropriately incorporated into the next draft of the program.
  8. Jake Osborne recommended that KSBA proceed to implement the program after a review and final approval meeting of those on the committee on June 30th in Elizabethtown. David Shockey will arrange for a place to meet and confirm a mid-morning time for the meeting.

November KSBA Meeting and School:

  1. The date will be Saturday, Nov 3rd and the location was confirmed to be the Bullitt Co. Central High School.
  2. The registration fee to be $10 for KSBA members. Arrangements to be made for pre-register on the KSBA website.
  3. The list of speakers is being finalized. There are still a few open spots.

Other Business:

Joel Gonia announced the he along with Tammy Potter and Kent Williams on July 28th would be going to the eastern part of the state in the economically depress coal mining region to promote beekeeping and the establishment of local beekeeping associations the six county area. The first meeting will be at 10:00 AM in Manchester and the second will be at 2:00 PM in Hazard.

Meeting was adjourned 6:37 PM CST.