Results of First Swarms in 2018 Survey

By: Shannon Trimboli

In March, we started a survey asking people to report the first swarms they saw in each county this year. Twenty-four swarms were reported this year compared to forty-four when we did the same survey last year. Thank you to the all those who submitted data.

The map shows the week in which the first swarm was reported for each county. The table shows the number of swarms reported for each county and additional information for those county reporting multiple first swarms.




# of reports


Anderson 1
Boone 1
Breathitt 1
Daviess 1
Garrard 1
Green 1
Hart 5 3 of the swarms were reported in a 2-week span, the other 2 swarms were reported in the same week approximately a month later
Knox 1
Lincoln 1
Marion 1
McCracken 3 2 of the swarms were reported approximately 2 weeks after the first swarm
Ohio 2 Both were within a 2-week span
Simspon 1
Warren 1