KSBA Launches Kentucky Certified Honey Program

By: David Shockey

The Kentucky Certified Honey Program is an official marketing program of the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA). The goals of the program are twofold: first, to promote local honey that is produced by the beekeepers of the KSBA and is a genuine product of the State; second, to connect the local beekeepers with consumers who are looking to purchase local honey.

KSBA will be initiating this new program to certify honey producers within the Commonwealth of Kentucky as producers of local honey starting on August 16th at the State Fair. The certification will signify that:

  • the producers beehives are being managed with the State;
  • the nectar and pollen are collected by those bees is within the immediate surrounding area of those beehives; and
  • the honey is processed and bottled here in Kentucky, i.e. Local Honey.

The kick off date for the program will be August 16th and KSBA will start accepting applications after that date. We are asking for all local association presidents to act as area representatives for their county and the immediate surrounding area to assist KSBA in the verification of applications from within their areas. KSBA will have a certified honey booth table setup at the Fair to provide informational handouts and to answer questions about the program.

David Shockey, Secretary for KSBA, is the current Program Manager along with the assistance of a Program Administrator, Aretina Harris. They will be processing all certified honey applications for KSBA. Their email is: kentuckycertifiedhoney@gmail.com and their mailing address is:
Kentucky State Beekeepers Association
Certified Honey Program
P. O. Box 621
Elizabethtown, KY 42702


Additional information about the program:

Kentucky Certified Honey Program Description

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Kentucky Certified Honey Brochure

Kentucky Certified Honey Application Form


KSBA would like to thank Jeff Hagan from Owensboro, KY with The Honey Dudes and credit him for designing the Certified Kentucky Honey label. Visit https://www.facebook.com/theHoneyDudes/ for more information.