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Honey Bee Health Coalition

New Resources From Honeybee Health Coalition

Honey Bee Health Coalition releases two new resources to help beekeepers make informed hive management decisions An expert team of beekeepers, entomologists, extension and regulatory agents, bee suppliers and apiary inspectors produced and reviewed Best Management Practices for Hive Health: A Guide for Beekeepers, which is available for free download. The Coalition also launched a free, mobile-friendly tool to accompany its Tools for Varroa Management guide. The Varroa guide, first released in 2015 and now in its seventh edition, helps beekeepers implement practical techniques to control the Varroa mite, one of the honey bee’s most destructive pests.

2019 Washington County “Build Your Bee Yard”

Washington County Beekeepers will be holding a hands on “Build Your Bee Yard” bee school. Saturday, March 9, 2019 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Washington County Extension Office 245 Corporate Drive, Springfield, KY A variety of sessions will provide both information and practical hands on experience for both new and experienced beekeepers.  The cost of the workshop is $10 and covers classes, workshops, handouts and lunch. Planting Pollinator Feed Plots Site Selection Essential Beekeeping Equipment Building the Beehive (Assembling Equipment) Setting Up the Bee Yard (Practical Exercise) Legal Considerations Inquiries can be emailed to Dr. David Donathan, Washington County Bee School […]

2019 South Central Kentucky Bee School Schedule

Allen County Beekeepers Association announces the 2019 South Central Kentucky Bee School schedule. February 2, 2019 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Scottsville High School 570 Oliver Street Scottsville Ky Topics include: Observation Hives Integrated Pest Management Buying and Installing Honey Bees, Getting Started Pollen Collection Equipment Assembly Basics Queen Rearing 101 & 201 Second Year Hive Management Swarm Trapping Planting for Honey Bees Nucs and Splits Honey Bee Diseases Marketing & Selling Your Honey Collecting Swarms and Doing Cutouts Transitioning to Commercial Beekeeping Reading Frames and Colony Assessment First Year Hive Management Top Bar Hives Backyard Beekeeping Four breakout sessions with […]