Kentucky State Beekeeping Association’s Spring Meeting & Hardin County Beekeeping Association’s Beekeeping School

KSBA Spring Meeting at HCBA Beekeeping School

Kentucky State Beekeeping Association announces the Spring Meeting in conjunction with Hardin County Beekeeping Association Bee School at John Hardin High School on March 30, 2019 from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

There will be drawings for door prizes at the end of the day.  Download the flier for more details.

Featured speakers include:

  • Warren Beeler, GOAP Executive Director
  • Dr. Reed Johnson from Ohio State University
  • Dr. Jen O’Keefe from Morehead State University
  • John Benham, Certified Master Beekeeper
  • Kent Williams, CErtified Master Beekeeper
  • Dr. Tammy Potter, KY State Apiarist

Featured topics will include:

  • Honey and Pollen Studies
  • First Year in Beekeeping
  • Planting and Landscaping for Honey Bees
  • Honey Production
  • How to Raise Bees and Make Money
  • Honey Bee Waggle Dance Analysis
  • And many more…