August 3, 2019

Clarification & Accommodations:  There were several comments and recommendations made by local association presidents at the Aug 3rd KSBA meeting in Frankfort.

  1. The KY State Fair Honey pricing for 2019 was discussed and there was a consensus that the unit prices should be adjusted downward to the nearest dollar for all those prices that included 50 cents. For example: a 1 lb. bottle was priced at $13.50. The recommendation was to reduce that to $13.00 and to make similar adjustments to all such pricing in the pricing list. A revised pricing list was prepared and published.
  2. Because the certified honey program is a very new program there is no way that KSBA as a member association can require that only certified honey producers’ honey be sold at the KY State Fair this year.  It is only reasonable for any KY beekeeper that is a member of KSBA to be able to have their “local KY honey” sold at the KY State Fair Honey Booth in the West Wing as has been the practice in the past. In total consideration of the almost 100 certified honey producers, only certified honey will be sold at the KY State Fair Honey Booth in AgLand. Honey pricing will be the same at both honey booths. The most asked question by customers is “Do you have any honey from or near where I live”. They want local KY honey.
  3. There were questions about certified honey. First, it needs to be understood that the guidelines were drafted back in late 2017 and early 2018 and were reviewed by many different beekeepers to include Hobbyists, Sideliner and Commercial beekeepers. The guidelines were specifically reviewed and discussed in detail at the Spring KSBA meeting at Kelley Bees in June 2018. The program and guidelines were emailed to all local association presidents for review and comment in June and July 2018.
    1. The processing temperature is exactly that. The temperature that is recommended “not” to be exceeded during the processing and bottling of honey. What happens in a beehive is determined by nature and what happens after processing and bottling is determined by the level of care in the handling by the beekeeper.
    2. The program requires that the beehives to be managed within the State of KY.  The program does not limit or restrict where beekeepers buy their bees, their queens, or their hardware. The program does not limit or restrict where in the state that a beekeeper manages their hives—the beehives can be in one location in one county; multiple locations in one county; in several different counties or in multiple locations in different counties.
    3. Beekeepers can add whatever they want to their certified honey, BUT once there is an additive, the honey is no longer pure local certified honey. TRUTH IN LABELING; if a beekeeper wishes to add KY bourdon or some other additive to their certified honey, then be truthful about it and clearly state on the label that KY bourbon was added to your certified honey. Truth in Labeling. The certified label cannot be applied to such honey because it is no longer just local KY honey.