Executive Meeting Notes November 8, 2019

KSBA Executive Meeting

November 8, 2019 – 6:00pm

Representatives present from KSBA member associations:

  1. Capital City
  2. Kentuckiana
  3. Hardin
  4. Bullitt
  5. KY Backyard
  6. Nelson
  7. Ft. Harrod
  8. Ohio
  9. Barren
  10. Grayson
  11. Allen
  12. Audubon
  13. Green Valley
  14. Bluegrass
  15. Pennyrile
  16. Bell

(see attached list for attendance and associated bee club). The meeting had a quorum.

Bee School Grant money

Supplying $3/person (both KSBA members and non-members) for all bee schools in the state is not sustainable for the KSBA. Discussion revolved around the following considerations:

  • Should the $3.00 be to help get schools established?
  • $3/person but only for KSBA member?
  • Show the cost benefit § get money back – bee school improvement
  • Should there be requirements such as KSBA having a booth, required 15min promo, only pay KSBA members ($3)

Vote: Mike made a motion to make a committee with a meeting in January 2020. Jan Rafert seconded the motion. All
voted in favor. The committee consists of the following: Mike Mabry, Tammy Potter, Jan Rafert, Joe Chang, and Joe Taylor

2020 KSBA Meetings

Spring Meeting March 28th will be a Joint Meeting with Hardin County. Possible location will be the Hardin County
Community College. The Hardin County Cooperative Ext. Office is backup. Dr. Jay Evens, director of the USDA Bee
Lab in Beltsville, Maryland, is the keynote speaker.

Summer Meeting – TBA looking into Jenny Wiley or Cumberland Falls in the summer?

KSBA Fall Meeting/Owensboro in September 19th- KY Expo – Joint Meeting with Green Valley

Mike Mabry – Announces President’s meeting once a quarter next year

KSBA Tax Exempt Status

Jim Mason is going to look into the reinstating tax exempt status

Certified Kentucky Honey Program Promotion

• More money needs to be diverted for promotion
• Once again it was suggested that the Program needs to have one name that is consistent with the label for marking
purposes. All were in agreement to use the official name program of “Certified Kentucky Honey Producers”.
• Suggestion of 15sec ads on Lex News – says its reasonable between 10 and 10:30am?
• Sarah – CKHP will promote members ads on Facebook….as long as members don’t speak negatively about KY
Proud. If you don’t like KY Proud…. just don’t mention the project
• Until the Food and Drug Administration defines honey, the Certified Kentucky Honey Program is, at best, a “stop
gap” attempt to educate consumers about the value of locally produced honey. It is not designed to be a “fix” for
any program.
• There was some discussion about moisture content of honey at 18.5% being too high. Moisture content above
18.0% can still ferment. Tammy Potter added that the State Fair standards for honey are at or below 18.0%….
points are removed for honey in the range of 18.1% to 18.5%
• Jim Mason made a motion that moisture should not exceed 18.0%, Wes Henry seconded the motion, and all voted
in favor

Elections and Policies and Procedures

VP, Treasurer, Secretary

Joel Gonia – VP, Wes Henry – Sec, Joe Chang

There was some discussion on bank accounts and splitting treasurer to handle different accounts

The Board of Directors’ meeting ended when a non-KSBA member reacted to discussion about a Code of Conduct being
added to the KSBA documents. The meeting ended when the non-member refused to leave as per the KSBA President’s