Minutes of KSBA Fall Meeting on November 9, 2019

KSBA Fall Meeting At Bullitt Central High School
November 9, 2019

Upcoming KSBA Events:

March 28, 2020 – Spring Meeting with the Hardin County Beekeepers, Elizabethtown, KY
Keynote Speaker: Jay Evans, Research Leader of the USDA Bee Research Lab. The lab conducts research to
improve the health of honey bee colonies and help the beekeeping industry maintain an adequate healthy supply
of bees for the pollination of crops.
Summer of 2020 – Meeting in Eastern Kentucky, date and location to be announced
September 19, 2020 – Fall Meeting with Green Valley Beekeepers Association and the KY Honey Exposition in
Owensboro, KY

Executive Meetings

Bee Club Presidents and KSBA Board members will be meeting on a more regular basis (at least quarterly) and by
conference calls to keep bee clubs more informed and included on decision of the KSBA. The next Presidents
meeting will be on January 4th, 2020 at the Anderson County Library in Lawrenceburg, KY at 10am.

Non-profit Status

The KSBA needs to be formed into a 501c3. We are currently a 501c5 in poor standing with the IRS (due to not
filing taxes since 2008). Jim Mason was nominated (Nov 8th, Executive meeting) to research what needs to be
done for the KSBA to restore their non-profit status.
Certified Kentucky Honey
The board is looking into ways to increase funding for Promotion of the Certified Honey program. Currently $5000
per year is allocated, which is not a sufficient amount.
During the update to the Program earlier in the day: The Program needs to have one name that is
consistent with the label for marking purposes. The official name program of the program will be “Certified
Kentucky Honey Producers”. Additionally: There was some discussion about moisture content of honey at 18.5%
being too high. Moisture content above 18.0% can still ferment. It was voted at the executive meeting to change
the moisture content of honey to 18.0%.

Emergency Response

The KSBA would like to work with the KY State Police to form a list of beekeepers that can assist if there is a major
accident with tractor trailers carrying bees.


President Elect – Jake Osborne (Green Valley Beekeepers)
Vice President – Joel Gonia (Honey Bear Farms – Louisville)
Secretary – Joe Chang (Hardin County Beekeepers)
Treasurer – Wes Henry (Capital City Beekeepers)
Assistant Treasurer – Jan Rafert (Ft. Harrod and Capital City Beekeepers)