Minutes for KSBA Board Meeting on December 23, 2019

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
December 23, 2019
Special Meeting

Attendance: 9 (1 conference call)

  1. Tammy Potter, KDA Apiarist (non-voting)
  2. Sarah Preston, Program Manager (non-voting)
  3. Mike Mabry, KSBA President
  4. Joel Gonia
  5. Joe Chang
  6. Joe Taylor
  7. David Shockey
  8. Rick LeMarr
  9. Jake Osbourne (called in)

Association President, Mike Mabry, called the meeting to order at 10:07am.


Fall Elections – last election received written protest on not using by-laws to elect officials
Education Subsidy – discuss KSBA subsidy for bee school
Code of Conduct – discussion and recommendation for draft

Old Business:


New Business:

Small honey bear bottles (Sheehan – $350) and honey straws (state fair) to place in 185 Kentucky Farm Bureau gift baskets for state legislators. Sarah recommended adding business cards to gift baskets that will cost approximately $25.00 for a total cost of $375.00 from general funds. Joel motioned, David second, unanimous approval.

Written protests on fall election for 2020 KSBA officers were submitted because KSBA by-laws and “Robert’s Rules of Order” were not adhered during the election. Mike Mabry directed a nominating committee chaired by Joe C to consider candidates. At the next special meeting, on Feb. 22, 2020, the nominating committee will be presented to Mike Mabry for approval. David motioned to postpone the protest until Jan 4, 2020. Jake seconded, and the board voted unanimously to postpone the discussion of the protest until Jan. 4.

Mike Mabry requested all meeting, whether special or general, be posted on website and facebook.

The topic of a code of conduct was discussed. Joe Chang will draft a code of conduct to present to the board at the next special meeting on Jan 4, 2020. The code of conduct will be included in the KSBA Policies and Procedures document in order to implement immediately and as needed. The president will appoint an ethics committee and further discuss the code of conduct draft during the Jan 4, 2020, meeting.

The next topic was the education subsidy for local bee schools and whether KSBA should continue to support this cost. There is concern that established associations receive the same money that start-up or smaller associations receive. Some of the larger associations are self-sufficient and do not require any stipend to operate. Joe Taylor motioned to discontinue the $3 subsidy to bee schools, second by David Shockey, Joe Chang dissented, Jake Osborne abstained for a tie vote. Motion will be tabled until the Jan 4, 2020, meeting.

Discuss reaching out to KSBA members across the state to receive their feedback on what they want from KSBA. A poll on the KSBA website and social media will be available and presented at the February 22, 2020, meeting.

Current status of non-profit status. David Shockey recommended that the association be dissolved and create a new KSBA that would effectively sever all historical ties. Because this suggestion could violate existing contracts between KSBA and Kentucky Agriculture Development Board, KDA Chief of Staff Keith Rogers was asked by the KDA State Apiarist Tammy Potter to join the meeting along with telephone conference call with Robb Goff, Kentucky Agriculture Development Board attorney, and Danielle Milbern, liaison between KSBA and Kentucky Agriculture Development Board. All 3 confirmed that dissolving KSBA would not exonerate old requirements and could jeopardize current and future grants from KSU and KADF. The Kentucky Certified Honey Program report will be due Jan. 8, 2020, to the Kentucky Agriculture Development Board followed by a presentation TBD (this presentation will be postponed until KSBA has restored it’s non-profit status). More to discuss during the Jan 4 meeting.

Joel Gonia requested fairness in bidding for KSBA business, such as the honey bears to be provided to the KY Farm Bureau baskets for the legislators. Joel stated that he normally gets 120-150 attendees at his bee school in Louisville, along with 70 at his mentoring events and workshops. Rick LeMarr cautioned with the perception of showing favoritism to certain businesses. Mike added that for every bid, we should have at least 3 competing offers (which had been done), so he didn’t see Joel’s request as a major problem.

David presented his method on his mentoring program that has been successful.

Topics for the Jan. 04, 2020 Special KSBA Board Meeting:
Education Subsidy
Nomination Committee
Ethic Committee
Approve 2020 Budget
Preparation for AG Board

Meeting was adjourned at 2:37