BeeLines February 2020

Beelines Nwsletter February 2020The February BeeLines newsletter is available from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture Office of State Veterinarian.

Hi all:
With unusually warm temps this weekend, you may want to make sure that your hives have honey. If you have to feed, fondant is the better option this time of year. We still have plenty of winter to go.

To prevent swarming, you may consider reversing supers (i.e., take the bottom super and place it on the top super) around Valentine’s Day, weather permitting. Another option if you have the extra equipment is to simply add another super with *drawn* foundation.

An early spring varroa mite treatment is also recommended so that when the honey flow starts, your honey bees are “clean” of varroa mites and possibly the viruses that the mites carry. Here is a free tool to help you choose the best method this time of year:

Tammy Horn Potter, KY State Apiarist
Kentucky Department of Agriculture
109 Corporate Drive
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