Minutes for KSBA Board Meeting on October 7, 2020

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Oct 7, 2020
President’s Meeting

Attendance: 17 (15 voting and 2 non-voting members)

Meeting was held through web teleconference due to restrictions on “face-to-face meetings” caused by the pandemic COVID-19.

Association President Mike Mabry called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. (EDT)

Opening remarks stated by Mike Mabry.

Dr Horn-Potter shared a note from the American Beekeeping Federation Honey Princess, thanking KSBA for hosting her during her trip to Kentucky. Kentucky was one of the few states that were able to host the ABF Honey Princess this year.

Sarah Preston presented the summary from a CKHP working group committee. Main discussion was the way ahead especially dealing with COVID-19. Requested reallocation of funding that will allow the program to shift money around to better fit the current situation (such as shifting money from travel to other focus such as advertising). Requested a six month extension of the current grant until June 2021 that was approved. The program is looking to find more efficient ways to sustain CKHP through advertising and “return on investment” for all beekeepers.

Rick LeMarr presented revenue opportunity proposal. KSBA is not eligible for tax exempt because we are a 501(c)5 instead of 501(c)3. KSBA will be allowed to take monetary donations but will not be tax exempt for either party.

EAS plans to do an in person conference in Amherst, MA in July 2021.

Tom Ballinger is working with 4H to introduce beekeeping to the youth of 4H within his local association. He would like to expand the program to every association across the state to further promote beekeeping to the younger generation.

Dr Tammy Potter would like to offer a beginning beekeeping class video conferencing class (limited to 20) through KSBA. Instructor will be Phil Craft (Kentucky State Apiarist 1999-2011) and the funding will come from the State Apiarist allocation. Unanimous approval.

The graphic designer for beelines will retire in December 1. Dr Potter does not know if beelines will continue in 2021 in part or look different. She will look for options that will be presented in the November meeting.

Wes Henry presented the financial status of KSBA.

Joel Gonia is looking at cost saving opportunity especially with our website and will present the options at the next meeting.

KSBA will hold the officer election at the next general membership on November 7. Names will be submitted to the KSBA secretary for consideration with the nomination committee.

KSBA has officially regained its non-profit status as a 501(c)5 with the IRS and SOS. Our relationship with Bluegrass Community Foundation is terminated based on our non-profit status.

CKHP manager presented marketing plan submitted for review to the board members.

The meeting was adjourned 9:02 pm (EDT). Motioned by Rick LeMarr, Seconded by Tom Ballinger.