2020 Beekeeper of the Year

2020 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year

Neil Hunt 2020 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year
Neil Hunt – 2020 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year

The KSBA committee of 19 previous Beekeepers of the Year selects Neil Hunt as 2020 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year.

Neil is President of Pike County Beekeepers Association.  During his tenure as President the membership grew from 32 to over 100 members and one of the largest associations in the state.  As a volunteer, he regularly teaches beekeeping in local schools and mentors 4-H beekeepers and many other local beekeepers.  Neil established the demonstration bee yard and started a queen rearing class at the Pike County Extension Office with participants from Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia. He is also an advisor and instructor for the Southeastern Kentucky Beekeeping School, Northeast Bee School, Bluegrass Bee School, and Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association Bee School.  Additionally, Neil is a volunteer on the Southeast Bee School planning committee and a board member of the Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association.  He has worked with the Heartland Honeybee Breeders Cooperative Network and member of Chasing Feral Honeybees where he hikes the mountains of Pike County searching for and capturing feral colonies of mite resistant honeybees.

Congratulations to Neil Hunt!