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Kentucky State Beekeepers Association Meeting

Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on February 27, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA) Board Meeting Minutes February 27, 2021 Attendance: 16 (7 officers/directors and 9 non-directors), The meeting was held via web teleconferencing. KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. EST The minutes from the January board meeting were not available due to a vacancy in the Secretary office. CKHP (Certified Kentucky Honey Program) Update R. Scott Moore, CKHP Program Manager is working on a grant to bridge the June to October gap in funding. Scott will send a draft of the grant to the board as soon as it is ready. A […]

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association Bylaws Logo

Notice of Proposed Bylaws Revision

Revision to KSBA Bylaws March 22, 2021 NOTICE The Kentucky State Beekeepers Association Board of Directors has approved a proposed change to the by-laws to be voted on at the next General Membership meeting. The meeting date and location will be announced. SUMMARY Revise Article III Section 3.01 Members to change membership period from calendar year to member anniversary date. RATIONAL FOR CHANGE Benefits KSBA members by enabling them to receive a full year of membership regardless of when each individual starts their membership. In the current bylaws, a person who starts membership on August 1 receives membership for only […]