Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on February 27, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
February 27, 2021

Attendance: 16 (7 officers/directors and 9 non-directors),
The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. EST

The minutes from the January board meeting were not available due to a vacancy in the Secretary office.

CKHP (Certified Kentucky Honey Program) Update
R. Scott Moore, CKHP Program Manager is working on a grant to bridge the June to October gap in funding. Scott will send a draft of the grant to the board as soon as it is ready. A progress report on the program is due to KDF on March 13.

Jan Rafert reported there is $3,607 in the general account plus $371 in the Paypal account for a total of $3,978. Jan is waiting on an invoice from Phil Craft for Beginner Beekeeping School.

Secretary Position
Tom Ballinger reported that the secretary position is vacant as Joe Chang resigned. Tom and Tim Sheehan reviewed the qualifications of Theresa Martin for the position. Dr. Tammy Horn-Potter offered support as well. Tim Sheehan recommended accepting the nomination. Joel Gonia seconded. All in attendance voted unanimously to elect Theresa as the new Secretary.

Spring School
Joel Gonia opened the floor for discussion of dates and keynote speakers for Spring School. The date of May 8 was selected to avoid Derby Day and other state events. Joel gathered input for keynote speaker names. Multiple local and national names were discussed. Fees were also discussed that would need to be paid to a national speaker, recognizing that this will be a virtual speaker, so a lower fee is expected. Dr. Jamie Ellis, Dr. Jennifer Berry and Dr. Jay Evans were the top possible nationally known speakers. The group agreed that these nationally known individuals would be more likely to attract a wider audience and higher attendance. The group agreed to hold just one session vs. two and likely holding the session at night. Joel Gonia will begin to make contacts to determine speaker availability and fees. The group also discussed what to charge attendees, possibly making the event a fundraiser and an opportunity to increase membership. Tom asked that we table this part of the discussion for now and wait to see what speaker Joel gets.

Leonard Davis indicated there will be a limit of 300 people who will be allowed to attend EAS due to social distancing COVID restrictions, Attendees must be EAS members to attend. Master beekeeper certification testers will be allowed to sign up first. The cost is $300, location is Shepherdsville, KY and the dates are August 11, 12, 13. There will be an outside barbeque and live virtual auction with many vendors attending. KSBA and Kentucky Certified Honey can have a free booth but the person(s) attending the booth must pay the $300 entry fee. Kent Williams, John Betham, Dr. Deborah Delaney, Dr. Tammy Horn-Potter and Dr. Jamie Ellis are speakers. Master Beekeeping certification will be conducted. Registration for EAS will open around May 1.

Because Heartland will not have their convention this year, EAS may have more of a draw. Tammy pointed out many more out of state people than in state people attended EKU several years ago. Tom pointed out that the weekend conflicts with the Kentucky State Fair set up.

Tammy indicated she will be nominating someone for the EAS Divelbiss award which is for non-researchers who have devoted many years to beekeeping and teaching. Tammy asked for support of that nomination. Tom agreed to do a nomination for the same individual as well. The deadline is April 30 for submitting nominations. The nomination is a secret/surprise so that is why the name of Tammy’s nomination is not noted here.

Tammy noted that the home association sponsors a break (food or drinks) or takes out an ad in the EAS program. Leonard replied that how breaks will be done due to COVID is still up in the air. This part of the discussion was tabled until more of the EAS conference plans are determined.

Honey Booth / State Fair Planning
On March 9, Tom will host a meeting to start organizing the State Fair. Tom, Tim, Tammy, and Sarah Preston will meet on March 9 to begin organizing the state fair. There is currently no fair committee, so this group is getting started. There is not yet clear direction from the state on what PPE will be required. There are also discussions underway on how to lay out the space so the joint KSBA/honey booth location will possibly be in a different location.

Cost Savings
This topic had been tabled from the October board meeting. Tom asked for a report from Joel Gonia. Joel was looking at options for how KSBA could reduce costs. Joel indicated he completed his assessment and that he did not find any ways to reduce expenses. Tim Sheehan motioned to accept this report. Leonard Davis seconded. This topic is closed.

Beelines Newsletter and Webmaster Funding
Rick LeMarr is now doing the Beelines newsletter. Late last year, Tammy got 3 estimates and arrived at $50 per hour for a graphic designer to do the Beelines newsletter. She received an estimate of 4-5 hours of work per issue and so budgeted $200 per newsletter issue. This amount of funding was to come out of the State Apiary grant Tammy received. Tammy proposed to pay this to Rick through the end of the year or until there is an alternative solution. There are 1500 subscribers to the newsletter. It is electronic only at this time. Rick can provide full statistics on clicks and opens.

Rick reported that he spent 18 hours on the first month’s issue of Beelines. Much of this time was spent on getting the template set up. Rick indicated he expects it to be 8 hours going forward but stressed that there is expanded content with new articles in his version of Beelines. Tammy indicated that if each month requires 8 hours of funding, that alternative additional sources of funding will need to be found.

This discussion moved into the broader topic of the Webmaster and KCHP pay. Both were suspended in the past when the grants expired. KCHP funding has been restored but the webmaster has not. Tom proposed combining Webmaster and Beelines newsletter funding together. He proposed KCHP moves to 30 hours per week and webmaster/newsletter hours goes to 15 hours per week. Tom indicated the hourly rate for website work is $20 per hour.

Rick agreed to do the newsletter for $200 per month for the rest of the year which is ~$20 per hour at ~8 hours per issue. Tom asked for a vote to reinstate 20 hours per month for webmaster work at $20 per hour going forward as well. Unfortunately, there is no backpay available due to lack of past non-profit status. Tom made a motion for approval. Jan Rafert seconded. All approved. No declined. Motion passed.

Bee Club Phone Numbers
Tom asked for several bee club numbers as he is making the rounds to bee clubs to make KSBA presence known. Tom will forward the list of needed numbers to Rick and Rick will try to provide the numbers to Tom. The group discussed how various clubs are meeting virtually, some not at all and some outside in extension office parking lots.

Jan Rafert asked what the process and fees are for website sponsors/advertisers. Rick will send info to Jan. Tom indicated advertisers pay $166 for 30 days to advertise. As soon as the ad goes up, Jan can invoice. If the advertiser has not paid 14 days after the 30 days is up, Rick should pull the ad down.

The meeting was adjourned 8:10 pm (EST). Motioned by Tom Studer. Seconded by Joel Gonia.