Upcoming 2021 Beekeeping Educational Events

2021 Beekeeping Educational Series

Instructor Phil CraftThe Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA), through funding from Kentucky State University, is proud to host Intermediate Beekeeping classes with Phil Craft. This educational series will consist of eight live virtual classes, plus a question and answer session, covering a number of topics directed at assisting beekeepers to better manage their honey bee colonies. Sessions will be streamed at 7 PM on various Tuesday evenings throughout 2021. KSBA membership is a prerequisite to take part in all KSBA educational events, but at $15 per year this cost is a bargain. Kentucky residency is not required to join KSBA. For more information about this educational series, links for registration, and joining KSBA, go to Intermediate beekeeping at the KSBA website.

KSBA meeting on May 8, 2021

Dr. Mike HoodOn May 8th at 7 PM, the Kentucky State Beekeepers Association will hold their spring virtual beekeeping conference. We will have a special guest speaker for this event, Dr. Mike Hood, entomology professor emeritus of Clemson University in South Carolina. He will be sharing a presentation on the Small Hive Beetle, Aethina tumida. Dr. Hood was conducting honey bee research and assisting U.S. beekeepers when this destructive pest was first found in the colonies of South Carolina beekeepers in 1996. He will discuss the history and life cycle of this pest, and as well as methods of control for beekeepers. See this link for more information about Dr. Hood, and this planned KSBA meeting.