Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on March 20, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
March 20, 2021

Attendance: 12 (7 officers/directors and 5 non-directors)
The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. EST

The minutes from the February board meeting were reviewed and approved. Leonard Davis made a motion to approve. Seconded by Joe Taylor.

President Elect Posting
Tom Ballinger announced that Joel Gonia resigned as President-elect and asked that the webmaster post for nominations on the website and in Beelines. The ad will run until April 10 to give 10 days for Beeline and 14 days for it to be on the website. Candidates must be members in good standing with KSBA. Dr. Tammy Horn Potter indicated that President Elect has a direct role in the state fair and is a very heavy participant in the planning and actual 14 days of the state fair management. Joe Taylor as Vice President indicated that the bylaws say that the chain of command is that the VP moves up to President Elect and the President appoints a new VP. However, Joe Taylor is not currently in a position to move to President Elect. Tom understood and agreed.

CKHP (Certified Kentucky Honey Program) Update
R. Scott Moore, CKHP Program Manager is working on grant work. Scott and Tom met with the Blue Committee at the Ag department on the extension request and reallocation request of the current Ag Development Fund grant. The current grant that takes us through to September 13 and the reallocation grants were both approved. Scott also had submitted a bridge gap grant, and this is therefore no longer needed so that was withdrawn.
Last Monday, Scott submitted the Specialty Crop Block grant and Scott is working to contact the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Ryan Burnett, to see where this one is and if a meeting is needed.

State Fair
Tom ordered banners for the state fair. The group reviewed and gave input. Tammy explained that Kentucky Proud does not need to be on the banner as the funds came from the Ag Development grant.
Tammy sent out several emails to make introductions as well. Tom and Scott suggested getting a honey pricing committee together so pricing and other guidelines can be posted in Beelines. Tom has jars for the 2 breakfasts that KSBA donate honey for. Tammy reported that there are still many details regarding insurance and rental space are still up in the air due to turnover in personnel and they will reach out to us when they are ready. Introductions have been made and they know Scott is the contact for all KSBA honey booth topics. Tom and Scott are trying to get KSBA on the electronic billboard for the first week. The Honey Princess/Queen will be there during the first week and she may need a chaperone for at least part of that week. Tammy offered to make a reservation at the hotel next to the fair which Tammy thinks has shuttle service to the fair.

Spring School May 8
Phil Craft reported that Dr. Mike Hood from Clemson can give a presentation on small hive beetle as he is an expert on this. Tammy edited down some of Dr. Hood’s talk. Dr. Hood has a book on SHB with 24 recommendations and gives many talks. Rick and Phil will do a practice session with Dr. Hood as this will be his first virtual meeting.
Tammy proposed that Phil Craft become our program organizer as there are many upcoming classes such as the upcoming intermediate class and Phil knows many people. Tom gave support for this as well and would like Phil to act as a formal advisor and program planner. Tom and Phil will connect in person to discuss further. Tammy also proposed that after the state fair, we set up a budget of ~$1000 or $500 so Phil knows he has money for organizing and paying expenses.
The group talked about whether there will be in person meetings in the fall due to COVID variants. The group is unsure at this point. TN is thinking about a live meeting in late October but much is up in the air.

Ethics Committee
This committee is chaired by the President. Theresa Martin offered to organize the Ethics committee members. Tammy suggested Theresa contact association presidents such as Ruth Jeffers from Blue Grass Beekeepers or Laura Augustine from Kentuckiana to get more participation from local associations.

Nomination Committee
This committee is chaired by the Secretary. Theresa Martin indicated there are currently only 2 members on the committee due to various attritions. Tom recommends the rest of the committee to consist of 1 board member and 2 KSBA general members in good standing. Tom nominated Mike Mabry to the committee and contacted Mike. Mike agreed to be on the committee.

Membership Period Change
Theresa Martin proposed to change membership from being administered by calendar year to the individual anniversary date. She met with Rick LeMarr, Webmaster and learned that Rick was required to keep track of membership using both methods. Jan Rafert indicated that either method works for him. The group agreed to move to anniversary date. Theresa will write up a change to the bylaws which Rick will post on the website and Tom will add this to the May 8 agenda so the members can vote on it.
In addition, Rick shared that the website can be the single point of truth for the most current membership list. Therefore, any officer or director that needs a list of membership should contact Rick to get the most up to date and accurate list of membership.

EAS Update
Leonard Davis indicated everything is moving forward. The conference Executive Chair and Vice Chairman toured the facility with Leonard. One of the larger rooms that was to be finished in time for the conference will not be complete. The outdoor barbeque is still on. The main area is very large and will allow the social distancing required. The vendor area will be large. General public registration is still set for May 1 and all attendees must be EAS members. All registration will be online.
Tom pointed out that the state fair set up conflicts with the EAS conference. Tom asked if to attend 1 day, is it required to pay the full $300 fee and Leonard said unfortunately, yes. Tom stated that KSBA will sponsor a break. There are 2 hotels offering blocks of rooms. Leonard sent Rick the flyer and Rick will post in Beelines.
Tammy reminded the group that the deadline for the Divelbiss award is April 30th and send to the EAS secretary Doris Morgan. Tom asked Rick to put this in the Beelines.
Rick asked for all articles to be sent in asap for the April Beelines. This includes the Intermediate Class details from Phil Craft.

4H Beekeepers
Tom has 3 of the 4 4H groups started in beekeeping. Tom asked if there is a category at the State Fair that 4H kids can enter into such as building a box. Tammy said they can enter into the Cloverdale against 4H criteria. Also kids not in 4H can also submit entries at the state fair.

Value Added Grant
Tammy asked if Scott needs feedback for the value added grant which is funds matching. Scott indicated that the Specialty Crop Grant will not fund if there is another grant already obtained. Tom asked Scott to research this. Tammy, Tom and Scott will work this offline as there are several grants underway and it’s very complicated.

The meeting was adjourned 8:17 pm (EST). Motioned by Joe Taylor. Seconded by Theresa Martin.