Minutes for KSBA Board Meeting on April 17, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
April 17, 2021

Attendance: 8 (4 officers/directors and 4 non-directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. EST

The minutes from the March board meeting were reviewed and approved. The minutes will be sent going forward to the Club Association Officers as well as to the KSBA Officers and Board.

President Elect Posting
Tom Ballinger reported that currently there are no candidates for the open President Elect position. He asked the group to put the word out to help identify qualified candidates.

CKHP (Certified Kentucky Honey Program) Update
R. Scott Moore, CKHP Program Manager is working on multiple grants. The current grant, the KY Ag Development Grant, has been approved for the reallocation of funds and the 3 month extension. This was approved by the Kentucky Agriculture Development board.

There was a meeting with Alletta Botts on the Value Added Grant. She had questions and asked if the board was stable enough to take on a federal grant. She said KSBA qualifies for the simple application for $50,000 and it is due May 4. The 60-page guidelines will be distributed from Scott to Tom.

The Small Crop Block Grant is still pending and we have not heard back from them yet. It was for $58,000.
Jim Mason motioned to enter this information to the minutes and Mike Mabry seconded.

Tom asked for a report on the number of KSBA and CKHP members. Jan Rafert reported that there are approximately 200 KSBA members. Scott reported that there are 31 CKHP members. Jim Mason asked for a list of his club members that are not also KSBA members to prompt them to join. Jim will send his member list to Rick LeMarr and Rick will let Jim know who are and are not members.

State Fair
Scott reported that the honey pricing committee is finalized and will get a meeting together to finalize the honey prices in time to publish in Beelines.

Rick LeMarr reported Beelines will not be as long for the next issue. Rick will send a reminder to get articles in by the due date. He is waiting on several messages from the President, CKHP manager, etc. Tammy has given several suggestions to Rick to date. The deadline for article submission is April 20 but Rick will accept content up to the day of publishing.

Spring School and General Membership Meeting on May 8
Rick LeMarr will run a test meeting with Dr. Mike Hood from Clemson in preparation for Dr. Hood’s presentation on small hive beetle. Rick will publish information about the May 8 meeting on Facebook and on the website shortly. It is already on the KSBA calendar. An email will automatically generate when he posts it to the website. It will also be in Beelines.

Change of KSBA Board Meeting Dates
Theresa Martin asked if KSBA board meetings could be moved off Saturday night to a different day of the week. Rick will send out a poll to determine if there is a better night of the week to meet.

There is someone using KSBA officer emails phishing for information. Rick explained how to spot phishing and reminded everyone to look closely at the sender’s email address. He said if we see suspicious activity to send the email as an attachment to him to make a security assessment.

The meeting was adjourned 7:32 pm (EST). Motioned by Theresa Martin. Seconded by Rick LeMarr.