Minutes for General Membership Meeting on May 25, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday May 25, 2021

Attendance: 7 (3 officers/directors and 4 non-directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at an unknown time as the recording for the conference started late.

The minutes from the May 5, 2021 general meeting were not reviewed. These will be reviewed in the June meeting.

Vice President and Webmaster

Tim Sheehan pointed out that we should keep working on finding a Vice President as the position is vacant. Dr. Tammy Horn Potter will ask Jessica Mayes if she is interested.

Tim mentioned that Rick LeMarr indicated with advanced notice that he will not necessarily be webmaster forever. Tim Sheehan talked to Erin Cathleen Smith who may be interested. Tim recommended Rick and Cathleen get together and Rick offered to meet with her.

CKHP (Certified Kentucky Honey Program) Update

Tom Ballinger read a letter from the Kentucky Specialty Crop Block Grant Review Committee. The letter states that the Certified Kentucky Honey Program was selected to receive a grant of $32,088.00 contingent on a meeting with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture scheduled for Thursday May 27. At that meeting, the review committee will require a project scope and budget for discussion. The project must also be reviewed by the USDA. This award is made possible by the Federal Farm Bull Funds under section 101 of the Specialty Crops Competitiveness Act of 2004. Credit for securing this grant goes to R. Scott Moore and Sarah Preston. Once it’s approved, Tom will ask Rick to post an update on this on the website.

Scott gave an update on a second grant but did not state the name of that grant. It was received at the USDA and they are reviewing it. The USDA contacted James at K-CARD. Scott did more work through the SAM management system. It is moving along and Scott expects to hear something within a few months.

Tom mentioned there is going to be a COVID 19 grant. Tom will get details on deadlines and details and will complete the paperwork.

Dr. Tammy Horn Potter asked if Tom had a date for Faretta Olden to address the members to ask for help for a nutrition grant from KSU. Ms. Olden is interested in doing testing in 4 regions with 20 hives per regions. She is interested in sampling pollen, brood, wax and performing bee washes. Tom is requesting a meeting with her on June 1 as he will be in Frankfort that day. Tom wants to understand her objectives and plans. After which, Tom will determine if we should set up a Zoom meeting with Ms. Olden and the full KSBA board.

Tammy pointed out if we get these federal funds coming in to KSBA we should consider working with Bluegrass Community Foundation, so all the accounting is not the responsibility of Jan Rafert. There would be the State Fair Account, Memberships, 2 federal grants and a state agricultural grant which is a lot of work for Jan as a volunteer for our KSBA organization. Two of the grants start on October 1. Tom asked what Bluegrass Community Foundation charges and Tammy asked that Jan be included in this discussion.

Tim Sheehan pointed out that funds applied for can be used to hire an accounting firm to manage grant administration.

State Fair

Scott put the booth application in for the state fair. The confirmation stated they will be in touch shortly. Scott sent out the honey booth guidelines which are subject to change. Scott sent them for review and comment. He will send to Rick tomorrow to post in BeeLines.

Scott has the schedule for the honey booth fair almost complete with 1.5 days left to cover. He has not heard back from Allen, South Eastern, Warren or Bullet. Scott is moving onto Lake Cumberland and a few others to cover the remaining days. The group reaffirmed that dues cannot be paid at the honey booth the day of and must be paid ahead of time. Scott will work next on the management staff schedule to cover the booth and the breakfasts. The Commodities Breakfast is on Thursday, August 19 and the Kentucky Farm Bureau is on Thursday, August 26.

Joe Taylor asked if the associations who are working the state fair have been verified that they are in good standing (officers have paid KSBA dues, etc.). Scott will get the list and verify through Rick and Theresa that they are in good standing. Scott made this point as well when sending out emails. Tim Sheehan’s club may be able to staff the honey booth and ~4 people are needed to staff the booth.

There will be just one booth at the West entrance. Tom has the banners made and ready to go. Scott signed KSBA up to advertise on the electronic billboard.

Rick pointed out that we closed our payment gateway account so cannot take credit cards. Jan Rafert is working on a way to take payment through our bank and said he would take care of it.

Tom asked if Tammy would show her video on a DVD on loop projected on the TV. Tammy said yes, she will show it. Tom offered to bring his projection TV but Tammy pointed out it anything not theft proof will get stolen. The TV cabinet is made so it cannot be carried off.

The group felt 2019 went very well overall. However, logistics were challenging in terms of stocking honey in 2 booths. This year, we will have only 1 booth which should make things easier. Certified and not certified honey will be side by side so we will get statistics on the public’s preference.

KSBA Meeting Dates

Rick asked if the group wanted to see the results of the meeting date survey. Tom declined and will ask Theresa Martin to schedule future meetings and publish the agenda going forward. Joe Taylor suggested we may want to meet more than monthly in the near term. Tom said he would use email and the website to publish and share information. No decision was made about meeting more frequently.


  1. Rick asked if people saw Dr. Hood’s presentation which is posted on the educational section of the website.
  2. Tom asked if Rick got the extension agent honey extraction video done by Greg Drake. Rick asked Greg for it but Rick did not receive the videos. Tom will ask again.
  3. Tom reported on Joe Taylor’s earlier question about how those without internet access can get BeeLines printed. Tom worked it out with the state extension offices and Tom found a way that he can sent it to one central point and all extension offices can get it.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m. (EST). Motioned by Rick LeMarr. Seconded by Scott Moore.