Minutes for General Membership Meeting on May 8, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
General Meeting Minutes
Saturday May 8, 2021

Attendance: ~30 people (7 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:03 p.m.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the April 17, 2021 board meeting were reviewed, voted on and approved. Motioned by Phil Craft and seconded by Mike Mabry.

Membership Period Change

Tom asked for a vote on the proposed change to membership from being administered by calendar year to the individual anniversary date. This proposed change to the bylaws was posted on the KSBA website and included in the most recent Beelines. This change was reviewed, voted on and approved. Motioned by Theresa Martin and seconded by Leonard Davis.

Grant and State Fair Updates

Tom gave a very brief update on the 2 grants that are in progress to secure funding needed towards the end of the year. He also notified everyone that the state fair planning is underway and going well.

Phil Craft Future Classes

Phil offered that he will be giving 3 classes on varroa mites. See the KSBA website and Beelines for dates and details on how to register. The classes will be recorded.


Dr. Tammy Horn Potter recognized Rick LeMarr for making the Beelines transition seamless. Rick recognized several individuals for their contributions.

Joe Taylor asked what can be done for individuals who do not have access to a computer who want to receive Beelines. Tom will verify with the extension offices are members as the Beelines is a members only offering. That way, individuals can go to their local offices to get a printed copy.


Leonard Davis announced that the EAS conference is August 11-13 and that registration is now open to the general public. There are about 119 people signed up of a possible 300 that can go so still 181 spots left. Leonard will send Rick the flyer so he can post it on the KSBA website and Rick put it in the Beelines.

Membership Question

Ken Daniels of Capital City Beekeepers asked if the fee and registration for membership to CKHP includes KSBA membership as well. Scott answered that the CKHP membership fees are based on the amount of honey produced the year before and that it does include membership to KSBA. Rick clarified that if someone is registering online and is already a KSBA member who paid their $15, that person should check a box when registering for CKHP so that $15 is deducted from their CKHP fee.

Ken pointed out that the paper form for CKHP refers to 2019 instead of 2020 so the application is out of date. Scott will update the CKHP application and Rick will update the KSBA application if it also refers to a prior year.

Guest Speaker Dr. William Hood – Small Hive Beetle Presentation

Tom Ballinger introduced Dr. Hood who gave an informative presentation on small hive beetles. The presentation was well received with many questions and answers.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:22 pm (EST). Motioned by Mike Mabry. Seconded by Joe Taylor.