Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on June 10, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday June 10, 2021

Attendance: 13 (9 officers/directors and 4 non-directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the May 5, 2021 general meeting were presented. Joe Taylor made a motion to accept and Lisa Anglin seconded. Approved.

President Elect and Vice President

Jessica Mayes was appointed by Tom Ballinger as President Elect which per the bylaws is within his role to make this appointment. This was also approved by the board and by the nomination committee.

Joe Taylor asked to step down from the Vice President position and Tom accepted his resignation. Holly Young was appointed by Tom Ballinger as Vice President which per the bylaws is within his role to make this appointment. This was also approved by the board and is pending review by the nomination committee.

Theresa Martin asked for names of candidates to join the nomination committee as there has been several attritions from that committee recently. No names were offered at this time.

State Fair

Scott Moore gave an update on the state fair. Everything is moving forward as normal with contracts out by the end of the month. Scott continues to work to get everything in place. Tom stated that the pop-up tent will arrive tomorrow. All signage is updated and ready to go. Personal Protection Equipment is still undecided by the State Fair coordinators, so this is to be determined.

Scott published a schedule for officers/management to work the booth. Tom would like 2 officers present at the booth throughout the fair but especially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Scott sent out the schedule for what associations are working the booth when.

There is a $1000 in the budget for fuel and lodging for the board to use while staying in town to staff the honey booth. Scott indicated he can reduce the budget for himself from $1000 to $200 as he stated he does not need the full $1000. Phil Craft indicated he can be on the back up list for covering the booth for unforeseen events and cancelations. Tom will investigate lodging options.

Jan Rafert reported that he will start the credit card machine attached to the KSBA account in August as it is paid for monthly. He will figure out what kind of paper is needed for the machine.

The Honey Queen schedule is to be determined. She usually arrives the opening fair day and stays until Wednesday but this is still TBD. There is also $1100 for the honey queen in the budget to cover her expenses, which includes ~$36/day for food taken from the cash register and $800 for a week of lodging. Dr. Tammy Horn Potter will book the room for her once Tammy knows her schedule. In the past, Tammy took her to various events like Mammoth Cave, Churchill Downs or Dadant. This year, the Louisville Botanical Garden would like to host her. Possibly she will also get some media attention. Her expenses come from the CKHP budget.

We also donate honey to the commodities breakfast on August 19 and the KY Farm Bureau on August 26. Tom is expected to attend the August 26 breakfast, sit at the head table, and will be acknowledged. The American Honey Queen may also get a ticket if she is still there.

Scott will work with Lonnie Asbury located in Shelbyville to acquire event liability insurance as a rider on the existing KSBA insurance policy. Jan will need to then pay the invoice and will come out of the State Fair account.

Scott went through the storage locker and inventoried supplies. There are gift bags in the storage locker and if we need ore, we will order from Kentucky Proud bags. Tom asked about some honey cubes and Scott said they may be in the storage locker.

In 2019, we sold 19,000 honey straws. Tom Sheehan indicated he is providing 15,000 Kentucky honey straws. Mike Mabry and Brandon Howard are both making straws. Tom will contact Mike to see how many he might want to provide. Scott can order more straws from out of state to make up the difference. All straws will be sold at the same price.

Jan asked from which account the $1000 for prizes is deducted. Tammy replied that it can come out of the KADF/State Fair account.

Tom will clarify via an email that both KCHP honey AND KSBA member honey can both be sold side by side at the fair. This was not understood by some of our members so Tom will clarify.


Tom Ballinger stated KSBA was approved for the Kentucky Specialty Crop Block Grant. Tom and Scott have not heard back about the status of the USDA Value Added grant so Scott will follow up. KSBA did not qualify for the COVID 19 grant because we did not experience a large enough reduction in staff or hours because of the pandemic.

New Business

  1. One of the newer board members asked for clarification on parliamentary procedures, who can make motions and who is eligible for voting. Tom clarified that any KSBA member can make a motion or second a motion. Voting is done by the officers and directors.
  2. Mike, Theresa, and Jan are unsure who should do the KY Secretary of State Annual Report filing. After discussing it, Theresa agreed to do it as the Secretary.
  3. The group discussed a new meeting date for KSBA board meetings and selected the 3rd Thursday of the month.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:11 p.m. (EST). Motioned by Jan Rafert. Seconded by Tim Sheehan.