Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on June 17, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday June 17, 2021

Attendance: 10 (7 officers/directors and 3 non-directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:06 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the June 10, 2021 general meeting were not presented and will be presented at the next meeting.

State Fair

Scott Moore published a schedule for officers/management to work the booth and made it such that we can each edit it. Tom would like 2 officers/directors present at the booth throughout the fair but especially Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tom asked if everyone could enter into the calendar when they think they can work at the honey booth by July 10 so we can start getting an idea of where the holes in the schedule are. He would like all of us to enter our phone # at the bottom of the document as well.

Mike Mabry will help set up the booth on Sunday August 15. He has several individuals who will help him. He will break the booth down on August 29.

There will be a table with just KSBA brochures at the other entrance and will not be manned.

Tom asked for input from the group on lodging. He reserved 1 room so far and would need to call to get the second hotel room across the street from the state fair at the Hilton for $90 per night. The group agreed with this arrangement. Jessica Mayes recommended we get a calendar together for who is needing a hotel room when. Theresa Martin and Jessica both felt we should get rooms with 2 beds so we can share. Mike Mabry motioned to accept. Theresa Martin accepted. All were in favor.

Scott is trying to figure out who is bringing honey as the booth will not be good without honey. Tom has 4 banners ready to go.

Jessica asked for honey pricing to be sold at the fair. Scott has had it published on the website, in beelines and was sent to the KSBA board via email.

Tom asked how Scott intends to inventory honey coming into the fair and that is sold. Scott is working to understand the process and improve it. There is a double form given to the producer when honey is dropped off.

The small producers tend to sell out, but the larger producers tend to have honey left over at the end of the fair which they must pick up. Comb honey in a flat or round sells out within 48 hours. The biggest sellers are the 1 lb. and 8 oz bears. There is an equal allocation of space per seller so that it is fair even if there are multiple varieties for an individual seller. When a seller sells out, their space is divided up equally to the remaining sellers.

Jim Mason asked about the schedule of working the booths for local clubs. Scott has sent it out and will send it directly to Jim Mason for his club, Green Valley.

Jessica asked about fair tickets and parking passes. Scott found forms from 2019 for submitting for these but the fair organizers have not yet sent this information.


Tom Ballinger stated KSBA was not eligible for the Kentucky Specialty Crop Block Grant. The reason is KSBA is not registered as a 501c(3) and are instead a 501c(5). There was a lengthy discussion about the difference. Rick pointed out that the real world difference is that donations made to a 501c(3) can be taken as a tax write off and 501c(5)s cannot. There are also far more grant opportunities for c(3)s vs. for c(5)s. This was tabled for a future discussion as a possible conversion from c(5) to c(3) for ~ $1,600.

Scott spoke to Alita at KCARD regarding the Value Added Producer grant to ask if the same thing would happen for this one. She said we will not and will hear back in August.

Holly Young is working on located additional funding and grant options. She has contacts she will leverage.

New Business

  1. The group reviewed the website for officers and directors to ensure correctness. Due to his recent resignation as President Elect, Joe Taylor moved to Director only. Tom asked for a motion to accept. Mike made a motion which Holly seconded and all approved.
  2. Theresa reported that she completed the KY Secretary of State filing for KSBA.
  3. Theresa asked about grant money available for clubs hosting bee schools in 2022.. The Treasurer of Theresa’s bee club asked Tammy the question via email and Tammy replied that is it not available at this time. Tom indicated he intends to push grant work towards acquiring funding for education so he is hopeful there may be some funding available.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m. (EST). Motioned by Holly Young. Seconded by Mike Mabry.