Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on July 15, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA) Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday July 15, 2021

Attendance: 18 total (7 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the June 10, 2021 general meeting and June 17, 2021 board meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Mike Mabry and seconded by Holly Young.

State Fair

  1. Finalize honey booth staffing for set up, tear down and KSBA board members – Tom asked for 2
    KSBA board members available in all time slots. All slots and responsibilities have been filled in
    on the editable calendar. This is complete. Tom will have his truck and a trailer to help move
    things. Rick will have his truck also. Tom will have a side by side available as well. Mike has
    his set up team in place.
  2. Calendar for honey booth association coverage – This is complete as well. Scott Moore reported out that all associations have been accounted for in the calendar. Oldham County reported out on their participation during the call. Shelby, Warren and Audubon still has to report out on ticket needs. Scott will send individuals to Theresa Martin to verify they are in good standing with KSBA
  3. Rick LeMarr KOA funding – Rick offered to work the entire week at the honey booth. He will be at the KOA campground and asked for $820 in funding to pay for the KOA fees. Rick will not charge for time. Tom verified with Jan Rafert that there is funding in the state fair account to fund this. The group agreed that having Rick there the entire state fair will offer continuity for everyone coming and going. Theresa Martin motioned, and Tim Sheehan seconded. The group voted and approved.
  4. Credit card payment machine, paper and pay pal – The plan is to use the existing Clover Flex Register Lite units that we used in 2019, assuming we can find them in the storage room. Scott will look for the 2 mobile card readers and 2 Clover mini machines and pads in the storage room. We own the machines and need to re-activate the service for $9.95 per month at 2.3% and 10 cents per transaction. Rick sent an email to our prior Treasurer on any details that person can offer. Adam Parks asked a question about how payments should be registered, and Rick will offer training on the day of regarding this. If we do not find the machines in the storage room, Tom proposed that we purchase the Clover Flex Register Lite units which was motioned by Adam Parks and seconded by Tim Sheehan. The group voted and approved.
  5. Update on honey at booth – Scott has 2 people confirmed to bring honey and others reported that they are bringing honey as well. Many are just now starting to harvest honey, so this is normal. Scott will send a reminder out the first of the month with the calendar and price list.
  6. Update on budget: general fund and certified honey – Scott reported out that we spent $8,200 and have $5,800 available in the state fair budget. Tickets for those staffing the booth are cheaper if bought in bulk vs. at the door. Scott will submit a form once we know how many tickets we need. The # of hours per shift varies from 2 to 6 hours depending on the club as there is no standard. Oldham County requested to purchase their own state fair tickets and be reimbursed by KSBA. The group discussed the pros and cons and decided it is best for all for Oldham County to pre-request the # they need.
  7. Update on hotel 2 rooms from August 19 to 29 – Tom reported that both rooms are booked for the price of one. One has 2 queen beds and 1 has a king bed. Tom has a reservation at asked that people put their needs for the hotel rooms at the bottom of the board meeting staffing calendar. He will make a key available for people to share.
  8. Honey queen agenda – Scott reported out that the Honey Queen is flying in at 10 p.m. on Wednesday the 18th. She attends the Commodity breakfast, 2 cooking demos. On Monday the 23rd, she does some sight seeing and she flies out on Tuesday the 24th. Tammy booked her flight and hotel. Rick posted her press release on the website. Tom reported that he contacted the press to interview her.
  9. Bags – We have about 5,000 grocery bags. The candy is in at Dadant and Scott is having Dadant put about 75% in little plastic bags. Scott is also getting candle wax and wicking. In the future, Dadant can make the candles for us if we give them a template.
  10. Booth Insurance, Electric and Internet – Scott has paid for insurance and is in the process of getting electric and internet set up.
  11. Hours – The hours have changed slightly from 2019 reduced by 1 hour.
  12. Ag Land Scavenger Hunt – We will put a code on the back wall of the unmanned KSBA information booth for the scavenger hunt.

KY Ag Vets Program (see attachment)

The group agreed this is a strong and valuable mentoring program. This was tabled for detailed discussion at the September meeting. Tim motioned to table to
September and Theresa seconded.

Honey Moisture Content and Labeling

Tom reviewed the history on this topic, offering that this was discussed and voted on unanimously at a prior general meeting to require moisture at 18%. USDA
guidelines are set at 18.6%. There was a letter written to the commissioner regarding this difference. Joe Taylor motioned that we table this discussion until September or October and this was seconded.

Move August Board Meeting from August 19 to avoid conflict with State Fair

The next board meeting will be on Monday, August 16 at 7 p.m.


Holly is continuing to work on this reviewing grants at www.grants.gov She will allocate more time to this. She also recommended we re-engage the attorney regarding the 501c5 conversion to 501c3. Tom asked for this to be added to the September meeting.

New Business

  1. September Meeting Agenda Topics: Bee Schools in 2022 Funding, November Fall Bee School and General Meeting Planning, KY Ag Vets Program, 501c5 conversion to 501c3.
  2. We are continuing to receive phishing emails impersonating other officers. Be careful to verify who the sender is. When we receive these, report the attempt to Rick.
  3. Phil Craft gave an update on a session on fall treatments and winter preparation which will be moved to a time that is not conflicting with the state fair. It will be offered to everyone.
  4. Tom reminded everyone to be vigilant about COVID and the Delta variant as it relates to plans for the state fair and bee school.
  5. Jessica Mayes reminded everyone to give good information to new bee clubs forming. She is communicating with Tom on this process via email.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 p.m. (EST). Motioned by Mike Mabry. Seconded by Theresa Martin.