Helping Your Bees Prepare For Winter

Helping Your Bees Prepare for Winter

Successful Spring Hives Start Now
with Phil Craft

Saturday, August 14 · 6:00pm – 7:00pm ET

Helping Your Bees Prepare for Winter with Phil Craft

Honey bees are one of the few insects that persist year round as a colony. Most other insect groups die out in the fall, and begin life anew with a solitary queen in the spring. Honey bees can store ample food reserves and remain throughout the winter as a social group. And they have completed this process in nature for many millenniums.

But today due to changes in the modern landscape, winters are an even greater challenge for our managed colonies. And a good beekeeper should assist their colonies to make their preparation for winter. Join Phil Craft, retired Kentucky state apiarist, as he discusses how beekeepers can aid their honey bee hives in preparing for winter.

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