August 2021 BeeLines Newsletter

BeeLines Newsletter

August 2021 Edition

BeeLines Newsletter August 2021
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In this month’s BeeLines highlights include:

  • Important Announcements
    • 2021 State Fair Honey Booth Location
    • 2021 State Fair Honey Culinary Competition
  • President’s Message
  • Message from the Certified Kentucky Honey Producers (CKHP) Manager
  • From the Desk of the Kentucky State Apiarist
  • Royalty in the Hive from the Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association (KQBBA)
  • Latest Research
    • Parasite Hijacks Iron in Honey Bees
  • Latest News and Information
    • Beescape Decision Support System
    • Impact of propolis on colony health and pesticide exposure in agroecosystems
  • Local Bee Club Updates
  • Upcoming Events
    • HoneyBear Farms Beginner and Intermediate Classes
    • Helping Your Bees Prepare for Winter (Successful Spring Hives Start Now) with Phil Craft
    • Beekeeping 2021 with David Shockey
    • Monthly Board and Executive Committee Meeting

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