Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on October 21, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA) Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, October 21, 2021

KSBA Board Meeting October 21, 2021Attendance: 8 total (6 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing but due to technical difficulties was not recorded.

KSBA President Tom Ballinger called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the September 16, 2021 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Joe Taylor and seconded by Jan Rafert. Motion passed.

CKHP Funding Gap

The Department of Agriculture Development Board grant funding for Certified Kentucky Honey Program
(CKHP) ran out on September 15, 2021. Jessica Mayes successfully led the effort to secure
additional funding. Jessica met with the Department of Ag which approved a request for an extension
for 1 year of $57,550. The next steps are that the Department of Ag will send the request to the
Finance Committee in November.

Budget Update

Jan Rafert, Treasurer, reported that the KSBA general account has a balance of $2,025 and State
Apiarist fund has a balance of $12,500. R. Scott Moore reported that the State Fair honey booth
made $6,782 and that the CKHP fund has a balance of $23,690. Tom recommended transferring the CKHP
funding to the general account but leave enough in the CKHP fund to keep it open. Tom asked for a
motion. Motioned by Jessica Mayes and seconded by Jan Rafert.
Motion passed.

Jan also reported that he is stepping down as Treasurer. The group agreed to solicit possible
candidates for Jan’s replacement. Tom also asked that a notice be placed in Beelines to solicit for
possible candidates.

KSBA General Meeting November 13

Dr. Tammy Horn Potter reported that the speaker for the 7 p.m. meeting has been secured. The
speaker will be Danielle Downey, Executive Director, Project Apis m. discussing the Hilo Hawaii
Varroa Sensitive Hygienic queen bee breeding program. Danielle asked that her speaking honorarium
fee be donated to Project Apis m. The group discussed the amount and agreed on
$500 of which $250 to be sourced from the State Apiarist account and $250 to be sourced from the
KSBA general account. Tom asked for a motion. Motioned by Theresa Martin and seconded by Mike
Mabry. Motion passed.

State Fair Topics

  1. Scott reported that all honey producers were paid by early October. Jan confirmed he sent the checks.
  2. Tom Ballinger, R. Scott Moore and Joe Taylor formed a Fair Committee. The committee will develop an action report from this past fair so that future fairs can build on what went well and plan improvements.
  3. Scott presented a report showing the planned payout to club associations that volunteered to work the honey booth. The total payout was $2,876.45.
  4. Rick LeMarr, Webmaster, will publish in Beelines the total paid out to the club associations and a thank you. He will also publish a detailed list of the inventory of items sold that Scott would provide. This inventory will help beekeepers understand what sells well at the state fair for planning for next year.

Beelines Publishing Research

The group discussed the importance of being diligent to publish information and recommendations that have been peer reviewed. This was in reference to a recent article discussing thermal treatments to control varroa mites which as not been substantiated. The group agreed that this is important, and no non-substantiated claims or recommendations will be made in KSBA documents or on the website.

Events and Outreach

Jessica reported that the Kentucky Women in Agriculture event went well. She thanked all who attended to staff the booth and in particular Tammy.

Jessica also recommended KSBA hold a booth at the Thursday, December 2 Kentucky Farm Bureau event in Louisville. There were 2,000 attendees at last year’s event. Scott completed the application for KSBA to join and was able to register KSBA as a producer which enables us to pay a reduced booth fee of $225. The group recommended only CKHP sell honey at this booth and that there be a limit of 1 case per producer. The KSBA owned Clover credit card processing unit will be used for this event. Tammy will get the clover unit from Jan.

New/Open Business

  1. The group revisited the plan discussed and agree to at prior board meetings which is to do the conversion from 501c5 to 501c3 using Brightbridge. Tom is taking the lead on this.
  2. Phil Craft notified the group that he submitted the invoice for the courses he has taught. This will be paid out of the State Apiarist account. Jan will process the payment.
  3. Jan reported that the Clover unit bill came in and will work on getting it paid.
  4. Theresa Martin provided an update on the Whitley County bee school planning for 2022, stating that her club will hold a virtual session in late February on acquiring bees and equipment, followed by an in-person event in April/May which will be partly held outdoors. Jessica reported that there is no funding available for bee school support in 2022. Tammy reported that the Eastern Kentucky Winter Bee School will be held on January 15 and will be virtual.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:27 p.m. (EST). Motioned by Jan Rafert. Seconded by Jessica Mayes. Motion passed.