2021 Beekeeper of the Year

2021 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year

Larry Young 2021 Kentucky Beekeeper of the YearThe KSBA committee of 20 previous Beekeepers of the Year selects Larry Young as 2021 Kentucky Beekeeper of the Year.

Larry Young lives in Stanton, Kentucky. He started beekeeping as a child in Hazard. He has been president of Powell County Beekeepers Association for several years. This association has grown tremendously since be became the president. Larry is only a phone call away to help his members with beekeeping advice and assistance. He’s also been known to give his queens freely to the local beekeepers as well as teach them to graft and how to raise bees. For years he has had a grafting event and beekeeper classes at his farm which has always been free to anyone that wishes to attend. He also does presentations for schools and other beekeeping associations.

Larry has worked with the Purdue University Lab as a yard manager and inseminated his stock that was tested by Purdue Bee Lab and turned out to be one of the “best bred stock in years.” He has been grafting and inseminating his top hygienic and mite chewing bees for national beekeepers and Kentuckians.

During this past year he volunteered to be the yard manager for 20 Kentucky Queen Bee Breeders Association’s hives at KSU just outside of Frankfort. This means he has been commuting most weeks from Stanton at his own expense.

Congratulations to Larry Young!