Status of Financial Support for Local Associations

Status of Financial Support for Local Associations

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association is receiving questions regarding financial support of local beekeeping clubs. This message is intended to ensure there is no confusion that may be caused by outdated membership forms or miscommunications.

Question: Do the Local Associations still get $2 per member from the KSBA memberships they forward?

Answer: No. The amount of accounting and logistics work required for such limited gain was not efficient. The KSBA Board voted on January 4, 2020, to discontinue this program. The meeting minutes were approved at the regular board meeting on February 22, 2020, with no discussion or dissent by the 25 Association Representatives and Board Members present. It is helpful for the local associations to promote membership in KSBA, but memberships need to be processed individually through the KSBA website so that the information is complete and accurate.

Question: Does the KSBA still offer an education subsidy to Local Associations (historically $100 for each Bee School)?

Answer: Unfortunately this program has been suspended. Initially due to financial constraints and then immediately followed by the impact of the pandemic, the subsidy was suspended by a vote of the board at the January 4, 2020, meeting, with minutes approved at the regular board meeting on February 22, 2020. We will revisit this program periodically and hope to reinstate it in the future. The board made an exception that if a local association needs to make an emergency appeal for funds, that appeal needs to be in writing and sent to the KSBA president at least 30 days prior to the school or event, so the board can consider it.