Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on December 16, 2021

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday December 16, 2021

Attendance: 10 total (4 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.

KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the November 18, 2021 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Jan Rafert and seconded by Mike Mabry. Motion passed.

Project Updates and New Topics

  1. Bee Clubs Looking for Presenters Topic – Steve Hahus
    Steve Hahus proposed that KSBA create and maintain a list of qualified presenters who would be willing to speak about bees at various clubs (gardening, 4-H, schools, bee groups, Audubon, Sierra Club, etc.) across the state of Kentucky. A good deal of discussion ensued to explore options. The KSBA feedback was that although this is a worthy effort, the process of vetting qualified presenters is outside the current capacity of KSBA. The group decided that we would likely post a form on the KSBA website where those desiring a speaker could request one and that request would be sent to the local bee club president closest to the requesting person. Steve offered to connect with other state organizations who have organized this. Rick motioned to investigate this further. Mike Mabry seconded. Motion passed.
  2. Update on Membership Management for CKHP and KSBA – Scott and Rick
    R. Scott Moore (CKHP Program Manager) is modifying the online application and working with Rick to determine how much of the workflow can be automated. Scott will work to move as much as possible to use the online form (vs. paper) and then will address the topic of calendar vs. anniversary date. Joe Taylor notified everyone that many individuals still require a paper application. Rick pointed out that there is a paper copy approach available for both KSBA and CKHP. Theresa volunteered to work with Rick to update the KSBA application that is used for a paper application. This paper application is used at booths and used to be sent out with Kelly Beekeeping catalogs. This could be sent out via those who advertise with us.
  3. Update on KSBA Document Repository – Theresa and Rick
    Theresa Martin (Secretary) reminded the group that she published the instructions for how each board member can upload their documents to the KSBA shared google drive. She asked that all directors complete this by no later than January 1, 2022.

Financial Topics

  1. Treasury Report
    Jan Rafert (Treasurer) reported that the balances in the accounts had not changed since the last report. He stated that he will be sending out honey provider checks to those who produced honey for the Kentucky State Fair. Jeremy Ferris donated his profits to KSBA and Jan will give an extra thank you to him. Scott will include a wrap up article in the next Bee Lines related to the State Fair. Jan has the Treasurer materials ready to transition to the to be named next Treasurer.
  2. Update on and 501c5 to c3 Conversion
    Jessica reported that this conversion is not as straightforward as originally thought. She has talked to ~10 individuals, including several at the IRS and she is getting conflicting direction. Jessica joined KSBA with the Kentucky Nonprofit Network and she is consulting with them to get help with this work.
  3. Other Topics

Board Topics

  1. KSBA Officer and Director Vacancies Progress
    Jessica asked if anyone had come up with candidates for the open KSBA officer positions (President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer). No one offered candidate suggestions.
  2. Other Topics

Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP) Topics

  1. Grant Update
    Scott notified that Jessica received the paperwork from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture board which requires signatures from Jessica and Brian Laysfield. The grant money is expected in early January and will go for 12 months.
  2. Other Topics

Events and Outreach Topics

  1. Kentucky Farm Bureau 12/2 Booth Recap
    Scott notified the group that many valuable contacts and positive promotion were accomplished at the event, including discussion with Brian Laysfield of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture and Ag Development Board. Jessica and Scott had lengthy discussions with the 2 candidates for Ag Commissioner. In terms of honey sales, we sold about $641 dollars and 42 lbs.
    of honey from 9 producers from 7 counties. KSBA made $212 from the event on our share of honey sales yet the cost of hosting the booth was $320 but we can reduce the cost next year in several ways, including not paying for electrical outlets by charging the Clover device up overnight. Jessica pointed out that outreach is part of the commitment for receiving the CKHP funds, so this type of event meets that objective.
  2. Farm Machinery Show 2/16 – 2/19 2022 Louisville KY
    Several individuals at the Kentucky Farm Bureau event had positive things to say about the Farm Machinery Show, yet the booth cost is very high at $1395. Jessica will explore this event further to determine if there is an agriculture section and a non-profit reduced booth fee.
  3. Fruit & Vegetable Growers Event
    Scott reported that this event is held in Bowling Green, KY on January 2 and 3, 2022. We decided to pass on this show given the location and timing. Scott pointed out the need for additional individuals who can attend and man booths, especially using local association contacts. Jessica and Scott can not be expected to attend all events across the state.
  4. Regional Officers
    Rick pointed out the prior stated need for Regional Officers while Scott pointed out that we are still working to fill our open board positions. Mike Mabry mentioned that one discussed idea in the past was dividing up KSBA into districts to enable better interaction with local associations and that we have the need for more officer representation from the other parts of the state. Mike supported the idea of regional leadership and Jessica pointed out the need for a role description for these positions.
  5. Other Events
    – Scott is looking for additional events we can attend.
    – Rick reported that there was a recent Horticultural show that Kent Williams spoke at and that pollinators are a welcomed addition to these events which are reasonably priced and possible opportunities for selling honey.
    – Jessica suggested creating a list of shows and what we learned about each to post in an Excel sheet to post on our website in the admin section.

Education Topics

  1. Update on recent Phil Craft classes
    Rick notified the group that the class scheduled for last Tuesday had to be postponed due to conflicts. That class is being rescheduled for next week. There are about 20 people signed up per class.
  2. Update on upcoming Phil Craft classes
    There are several classes scheduled in the future.
  3. Other Educational Topics
    Jessica reported that she has been in contact with KSU regarding possible educational grant opportunities that could cover these classes and possibly Bee Lines.

Call For New Business

  1. Scott mentioned he’s been trying to get the CKHP Facebook page back up and running with the issue being lack of access to changes in administrators. Scott spoke to several people to try to get help and will continue to work on resolving this.
  2. Joe mentioned that there are honey house regulations that apply to producers who produce more than 150 gallons. He mentioned that 98% of Kentucky honey producers are hobby beekeepers who produce far less than this. Tim Sheehan sent around an article on this topic which is why this is being raised. Rick pointed out that even commercial beekeepers who may be producing between 150 and 500 gallons may still not be able to justify the cost or afford a dedicated honey house and that even the current regulations are a barrier to entry. Jessica asked for this to be an internal discussion topic in our January meeting, so we at least understand what the regulations state.
  3. Jessica asked everyone to begin thinking about 2022 goals, in addition to the commitments made in the CKHP grant proposal.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:26 p.m. ET. Motioned by Rick LeMarr. Seconded by Jan Rafert. Motion passed.