Minutes for KSBA Executive Meeting on February 17, 2022

Kentucky State Beekeepers Association (KSBA)
Board Meeting Minutes
Thursday February 17, 2022

KSBA Board Meeting 2022 02 17 Revision 2Attendance: 20 total (10 officers/directors)

The meeting was held via web teleconferencing and was recorded.

KSBA President Jessica Mayes called the meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. ET.

The minutes from the January 20, 2022 meeting were presented and approved. Motioned by Tom Ballinger and seconded by Lisa Anglin. Motion passed.

Topics Discussed and Voted Upon Through Email

  1. Accounting Firm Balancing 4 Accounts
    The board vote unanimously yes on a proposal sent via email to hire Vickie Richardson, CPA in Mt. Sterling (recommended by KCARD). She quoted $170/month to balance 3 accounts. KSBA balances 4 accounts, so Jessica will get a new quote for all 4. Jessica disclosed that the accounts do not balance exactly, with the bank showing a higher amount than our records.We would send them transactions – checks, payments, withdrawals, and deposits on a regular basis and they would reconcile the books and submit a monthly report to the treasurer for presentation to the board. She has also quoted $100/hr to do our 990.
  2. Increase Rick LeMarr (Webmaster) KSBA Hours from 20 to 25 Per Month
    The board voted unanimously yes on this topic. There is a good deal of work to do related to CKHP, membership SOPs, local association SOPs, etc. so increasing Rick’s hours will allow for more value-added work.

Project Updates and New Projects

  1. Honey House
    This is a lower priority for KSBA and Jessica offered if anyone wants to work on this to please let her know.
  2. SOPs for Membership, Adding New Associations
    Jessica reported we are working on these. Jessica sent out a document to Woodford County with her understanding of how to become an association. She asked Rick to create a FAQ about this. R. Scott Moore put out a start of an SOP for CKHP. Theresa Martin offered to put together an SOP for KSBA and CKHP membership, building off the work Scott did. She’ll work with Rick and Scott on this. Tom Ballinger offered that all KSBA officers need access to a list so when asked, we can tell associations how many members of KSBA they have.
  3. Bee Suppliers, Equipment Suppliers and Speaker
    Theresa updated the group on Jake Barker’s project. The first meeting included Jake, Theresa Martin, Phil Craft, Dorothey Morgan (KQBBA) and Melissa Ledford. In the first meeting, the group listened to a representative from Dyce Lab at Cornell University on how they created their bee supplier list. The next meeting will be February 28 where different approaches will be discussed. The scope includes nucs, packages, full hives and queens. Phil Craft added to Theresa’s update by stating that it was a preliminary meeting with more to come.
  4. Updating the Bylaws
    Theresa published a revised bylaws and asked the group to look at it and offer suggestions. Theresa reminded the group that changes to the bylaws must be approved by the general membership. The next opportunity to do so would be at the April 23, 2022 general membership meeting.
  5. Document Retention Policy
    Theresa published a draft document retention policy. Theresa and Jessica will sit down and finish it, then bring it to the board for approval.
  6. KSBA Survey
    Lisa Anglin sent out a survey for the board’s review. She briefed the group on the survey questions. All were supportive of this effort so we can understand better the needs of Kentucky beekeepers and to understand who we serve as it relates to grants as well. Tammy Horn Potter has sent out surveys in the past and sent a winter loss survey in May and a honey production form out in September. Tammy recommended May or June for survey distribution.

Financial Topics

  1. Treasurer Report – Jessica showed a report with the balances in the 4 KSBA Accounts: General Account $14,853.82 CKHP $56,582.40 State Fair $7,782.34 State Apiarist $10,500.09. Jessica sent out a KSBA ideal budget that showed the total budget is about $31,00. KSBA is about $15,000 short short compared to what we need. Jessica and Tammy are working on several possible grants. Joe Taylor pointed out that the State Apiarist fund is not KSBA money. Tammy Horn Potter, our Kentucky State Apiarist, manages this with the main intention to have money available in case of emergency related to honey bee diseases. Tammy has donated $200 per month to pay for Rick’s development time of BeeLines from the State Apiarist fund. Scott briefly commented on CKHP budget and is tracking expenses carefully.
  2. Board of Director Insurance – Jessica is getting quotes from Lani Basberg’s office, who does KSBA’s liability insurance. The cost is ~$400 per year. Jessica will continue to pursue this as it protects the officers as well as the financial assets of the organization.
  3. Treasurer Position – This position is still vacant. Jessica has had conversations with several individuals and is looking for someone who is interested and has financial backgrounds.
  4. Taxes – The organization that did our taxes last year charged $900 and then still filed an extension. Vickie Richardson said she thinks she can do our 990 for about $500 and file it on time. Jessica motioned that we use Vickie Richardson for our 990 this year. Tom seconded and the board approved.
  5. 501c5 to 501c3 Conversion – Jessica is working with Maylee Burk, a non-profit legal service in Cincinnati. They indicated that the 1023 form must be completed, plus 3 years of financials and the conversion will cost approximately $6,000. Scott pointed out that in the CKHP grant, we included $5,000, with KSBA to match $2,000. If anyone knows of anyone who is expert on grant writing, please connect them with KSBA. Jessica will continue to pursue this. Stephanie Dukes has contacts at Parks and Recreation which she will forward to Jessica.
  6. 6. Other Topics – None.

Board Topics

  1. KSBA Officer and Director Vacancies Progress – Jessica asked if anyone had come up with candidates for the open KSBA officer positions (President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer). No one offered candidate suggestions.

Certified Kentucky Honey Program (CKHP)

  1. Grant Update – Scott reported that the grant money was deposited in the CKHP bank account.
  2. Membership Management – Rick has everything done on the online membership and label order form. The only thing left is the automation of CKHP verification to the club president.
  3. Buy Local – Scott and Rick made about 100 revisions to update the data there. They will put it on a monthly to do list to ensure it stays up to date. There is additional work needed here to explain the CKHP labels, etc.
  4. System Award Management Account Renewal – CKHP registration renewed was due by January 31, 2022. A single year is $600. This is needed if we pursue federal grants. Scott is having a hard time reaching anyone and has tried multiple times and multiple methods.
  5. CKHP Programs – Scott is working on ideas for how to increase program education, lab testing and a national conference attendance. Lisa mentioned that being in the CKHP is applicable for Kentucky Proud so Scott will investigate.
  6. Ordering Posters – Labels and posters can now be ordered via the online form that Scott and Rick created. Tom indicated he has access to ordering more posters and that the QRE code works well. Tim Sheehan asked if the posters could be of heavier stock and Tom will look into it.

State Fair Committee

  1. Tom reported that the Ag Department for the State Fair had their first planning meeting on February 24 and that the State Fair will be coming up before we know it. He pointed out that all the money from 2021 was not spent so we have some funding to put towards the 2022 fair.
  2. Standard Operating Procedure – Scott, Tom and Joe Taylor have a detailed outline that covers the fair from start to finish. When the document is complete, it will be uploaded to the document repository. Everything except running the honey booth is written. After it is complete, the team will share it with the full board.
  3. Fair Planning Committee – Scott, Tom and Joe will meet monthly starting on March 13 to plan the state fair. Tom suggested that we coordinate with the Horticulture booth as the 2 booths complement each other.

Events and Outreach

  1. KSBA Representative for ABF – Tom will represent KSBA at this event. Lisa will be a backup. There is $3,000 in the ideal budget for KSBA for representation at events such as this.
  2. BeeLines Feedback – Jessica shared that there is a good deal of positive feedback about the new and very much improved BeeLines.

Education Topics

  1. Multiple Bee Schools and Club Meetings – KSBA is attending multiple bee schools to have a presence. We have a nice table set up. Lisa suggested a 1 pager to advertise the advantages of KSBA membership and promoting events such as the upcoming spring meeting. Lisa will send out her idea list to the board to reflect upon. Jessica and Rick are working on the calendar so we can document our attendance which is useful for grant writing. Tom is planning on attending several club meetings.
  2. Kit Development -Tom offered to put together a list of what to bring to talks. He hopes to have this list ready by the next meeting. This is especially useful for use at schools as there is often a lesson plan to follow.
  3. Spring Meeting April 23 at KSU Farm in Frankfort – Phil has arranged for Dr. Katie Lee from University of Minnesota to be our speaker. She was instrumental in the current methods and parameters for doing a mite alcohol wash. Jessica reminded everyone to advertise it well. Wes Henry said he would volunteer his local Frankfort association to assist with the meeting. The details of the program are under development, including any in-hive activities. Also, how to deal with food is still to be determined as well. The venue is also available to us free of charge.
  4. Update on Phil Craft Classes – The next class is called “Beekeeping Challenges.” He has 2 more after this. All of these he is doing as a volunteer and is not being paid.
  5. Other Educational Topics – None

Call For New Business

  1. Joe came across some Dadant product and he distributed it several bee clubs. Tom suggested giving Dadant 2 months of free advertising for their donation. Dadant has also helped several times at the state fair with donations and labor. No motion was made so the idea of free advertising for Dadant was not acted upon.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m. ET.